Marriage Checkups: Debbie and Leonard

Marriage Checkups: Debbie and Leonard
After 10 years without sex, this couple turned the tides.
About three weeks after appearing on the show, Debbie and Leonard filled the prescription for Viagra.

"It turned our lifestyle around 180 degrees," says Leonard. "It's like we just got married again."

Debbie agrees. "It has really changed our lives in many ways," she says. "Our sex life has improved tremendously, which means the other parts of our life have improved as well."

Dr. Phil helped Debbie realize that having sex was not bad for her husband's health. "I am no longer afraid to have sex simply because I know it is not going to kill him," she says. "The turning point for me was when Dr. Phil said that sex is a tremendous tension release ... Our sex life went from nothing to us really being able to enjoy it, at least a couple of times a week ... maybe three."

Leonard adds, "After 28 years, we are starting over again ... Thank you Dr. Phil. Best advice I ever got!"

Dr. Phil jokes: "That boy is running me for president, don't you think?"