Marriage Checkups: Robin and Glenn
They were constantly fighting before they came on the show. Now how are they doing?
"We got more out of that 15-20 minutes than we've gotten paying counselors $150 an hour over the past seven years," says Glenn. "We're doing excellent. I couldn't dream it could be any better."

Robin says they had "several light bulb moments" on the show. Watching the footage of them fighting, for example, was eye opening. "We looked like children. I was shocked. I was almost embarrassed," she says.

Also, when Dr. Phil pointed out that Robin and Glenn could substitute the topics they were fighting over without even noticing, it hit home hard. "I didn't realize that that's what we were doing," says Robin, who learned that they need to keep their arguments relevant.

Dr. Phil pointed out that they were addicted to fighting, suggesting that they could get the same release from problem solving instead of frustration venting. "Glenn and I are not addicted to yelling and screaming anymore," says Robin.

Glenn says he sees his wife differently. "I love her now. I think Dr. Phil saved our marriage. That's the bottom line," he says.

They've learned to fight fair, but Robin and Glenn are now dealing with a new issue.

"Glenn's a little too touchy-feely and I'm not really sure how to deal with it," says Robin. "I love how much better things are ... it's just a little much...It's gone from one extreme to the other extreme."

Dr. Phil jokes with her: "Your husband's wanting to talk to you, he's wanting to spend time with you, he's wanting to hold you, he's wanting to show you affection ... boy, life's a bitch!"

Glenn now understands why he's been able to be more affectionate, feeling emotions he hasn't felt in a long time. His mom left his dad 17 years ago, just after he'd had a heart attack. "It was just horrible," he says. "I just totally shut down emotionally toward women. And thanks to you, now I think after all that time, I finally look at [Robin] and love her... I think for 17 years it's all been building up and it's just coming out now like a flood."

"You had a bitterness toward women," Dr. Phil explains to Glenn, who viewed his mother's decision to leave as a betrayal. "Now you've stopped resenting [Robin] for things she didn't do."

"He's playing catchup," Dr. Phil tells Robin, who feels a little smothered by her husband's newfound affection, and his need to be reassured about her feelings for him.

"Is there any question in your mind that you absolutely love him from the core of your soul?" Dr. Phil asks Robin.

"No, there's no question," she says.

Dr. Phil explains to her that Glenn is coming out from behind the wall of anger that he's been hiding behind. "Be patient," he suggests, telling them that they've got a "high-class problem" and the fact that they're communicating is a step in the right direction.

"It will seek its own level," Dr. Phil says, "and it will be one that's marked with affection and caring and sharing instead of distance. Be patient, and let this unfold."