Marriage Hungry: Connie
Dr. Phil talks to a 27-year-old who already considers herself to be an old maid.
"When I pass by the bridal store, I just want to put my foot through the window," says Connie, 27. "I wonder when it's going to be my turn. All my friends are getting married and my family and friends constantly ask when I'm going to get married. I look in the mirror and wonder if there's something wrong with me. When I see a nice-looking couple, I envy that. That's what I want. I have this feeling I'm going to be an old maid and live with 100 cats. I'm obsessed with the thought of never finding the one. Being unmarried at 27 makes me feel unaccomplished, like a loser! Dr. Phil, how do I get over feeling like I'm an old maid?"
"What is it about getting married that's going to fix your life?" asks Dr. Phil. "Do you feel like that will complete you?"

"It does," says Connie, explaining that she hopes to have children one day and wants to do it with a lifetime partner. "I want to get married but feel that I'm destined to be alone: Aunt Connie with 100 cats."

"You said you're a freak magnet?" asks Dr. Phil.

"I am the freak magnet!" says Connie. "There is nobody better than me in the whole world at attracting them. On my last date, we went out to dinner and the guy rolled meatballs across the restaurant floor."
"You're starting to get angry about this, right?" asks Dr. Phil. "You get angry when you see great guys with ugly girls?"

"Yeah!" exclaims Connie. "I can't figure it out for the life of me. I'm not saying I'm gorgeous or anything, but when I see somebody very unattractive with a guy who is accomplished and probably faithful, I just look and think, 'She has that and I have meatball bowlers.'"

Dr. Phil laughs and asks, "Is it possible you are putting out a vibe that is keeping guys away? I believe that 7 percent of communication is verbal and 93 percent is nonverbal. Perhaps you are putting out signals that are nonverbal."
Dr. Phil asks Connie, "Did you learn anything from what I said earlier in the show to Jamie about not having to have a guy to be OK?"

"I heard what you had to say," says Connie, "but ... I still feel old ... I want to [be married]."

"Is it possible that from a very young age you were taught that this is a rite of passage?" asks Dr. Phil. "That you don't become an adult or a woman until you get married?"

"That's just it," agrees Connie. "Everybody says it."

"But that doesn't make it true," explains Dr. Phil. "There is a big difference between saying, 'I want to be married, and 'I have to be married.' And whether you think so or not, it changes the signals you put out."