Marriage Roles: Dr. Phil and Robin
Dr. Phil and his wife Robin change roles for this show!

Since everyone else in the market was pushing a cart, Dr. Phil figured he should get one too. He found the Fuji apples he was instructed to get (even though the produce isn't alphabetized, as he suggests) ... but didn't know that there are bags for the produce, so he threw 'em all right in the cart!

When Dr. Phil got back home, he was expecting good marks from his wife. Instead, he learned that Simple Green is a cleaner in a bottle, not any simple green vegetable. Cooking wine, he also found out, is very different from Cook's champagne. The ice cream he put in his cart at the beginning of the shopping trip was also long-since melted.

"This is a piece of cake, I guarantee you," said Dr. Phil when he embarked on his first load of laundry. When attempting to fold a fitted sheet, he realized, "It's got no corners!"

He decided it was best to roll the sheet up. That way, he says, "When you get ready to make the bed, you just roll the baby out and you're finished."

Dr. Phil even tried to bake a cake from a mix. He hand blended the mix with a potato masher, had a little difficulty with the electric blender, didn't know to let the cake cool before frosting it, and then found that the frosting made quite a mess.

Not to worry " he pulled out a sponge to wipe the frosting that spilled over off the sides of the cake, and then decorated it with bananas, carefully putting a toothpick in each banana to hold the double-layer cake together.

"His double-layer cake looks like a brownie!" says Robin, who also points out that Dr. Phil measured the water with a coffee cup. Despite the obstacles Dr. Phil encountered, the viewer who tastes it says, "Actually, it's good!"