Stars Take a Stand against Bullying
Dr. Phil introduces the stars of Mean Girls 2, Maiara Walsh and Meaghan Martin.
Dr. Phil notes that Meaghan plays the nice girl "Jo" in the film. "When I watched this movie, what I thought was, I so wish there were real-live versions of you in every school," he tells her.
Turning to Maiara, he observes, "You don't play the nice girl."
"No, I play the mean girl. One of the meanest girls out," Maiara says with a laugh. "It was very interesting for me, because I was actually bullied a lot by mean girls as a kid, so I actually got to play that role. It was fun for me, because I had to get into their heads and figure out, ‘OK, why is this person acting the way they do, and why is that OK for them?'"
Maiara and Meaghan explain how they were bullied as children.
Dr. Phil addresses Sheila. "You've got some history with being mean as well," he notes.
"I was a troubled teen. I see signs [of things] that she's doing now that are scaring me, because I don't want her to wind up the way I had to live," Sheila says of Kayla. "I had a really bad childhood. I just want them to be successful in life."
Meaghan has some words of wisdom for Kayla. "The hardest thing for me to understand is it hurts you when your sister picks on you, right? It hurts your feelings. You want everybody to treat you well. You want friends," she tells the tween. "Nobody is going to want to be around you if you're hurting them. They're not going to want to be your friend. Nobody likes to be hurt."
Maiara adds her thoughts. "Let's say someone like you, back when I was little, was making fun of me. Every single day, I would go home crying," she says to Kayla. "Don't you think that would make you feel bad, that you were causing that person so much pain, that they had to go home and cry every day? You said you want to be accepted, and you want to be popular, and you want to have friends, right? But when you act this way, no one is going to want to be around you."
[AD]The actress has a message for Haley as well. "She's your sister. You guys need to bond together. You guys are family. You'll be family for life. When you call her names, how do you think that makes her feel?" she asks. "As sisters, you need to really encourage and be there for each other."
"What do you think about what these two are saying to you, Kayla?" Dr. Phil asks.
"That my sister and I, that we can't be enemies and that I have to start treating people nicer," she answers. "If I treat them nice, they're going to be nicer to me."
"A lot of times, people will act like they're your friends. They do that because they're afraid of you. They don't really like you," Dr. Phil informs her. "The first chance they get to get even, they're going to get even. You're a lot better off if they're nice to you because they really like you instead of because they're afraid of you."
[AD]"I know that my best friends are the people who respect me and like me for who I am, and I don't have to try to be someone else to be their friend," Maiara adds.
"My friends are the same bad crowd as I am," Kayla admits.
"That's why it's good to go around school and treat people nicely, and see the friends who come around when you're acting nice," Meaghan says. "Those are going to be the nice people who will support you."