The First Four Years
“Tom Hose was the head of security at Cornell Middle School. I was 14; Tom was 38. There’s a 24-year age difference between us,” says Tanya, now 29. “He’s the one who pursued me. He asked the guidance counselor about me. That’s how he knew my weaknesses and what was going on at home. It went from going to the classrooms, and stopping and looking at me and winking, and got to the point where he would interrupt the class and look right at me and say, ‘Miss Kach, let’s go.’ I’d get out in the hallway, and he’d say, ‘Hey, I just want to walk around and talk. You’re not in any trouble.’

“Tom was really nice to me. It felt like somebody loved me and cared about me at the time, because I wasn’t getting that from my family. In December of 1995, Tom caught me skipping class underneath the gym stairs, and that’s the first time he made his move on me and kissed me. And after that, that’s where we would meet. It was kissing but mostly him fondling me. Tom kept saying to me that I don’t deserve the life that I’m living. He just kept repeating, ‘I can take care of you.’ So, he devised a plan for me to run away, for me to be with him. At the time, I loved Tom. I did. I sit here as a grown woman now, free, and I still can’t believe what happened.”

Tanya explains how she fell prey to her captor.

[AD]Dr. Phil asks, “When he finally convinced you that you were going to run away and come to him, it was because he was going to do what for you?”

“He said that I don’t deserve the life that I was living at home, because my home life was horrible at that time,” Tanya says. “And he said, ‘You don’t deserve that. I’ll take care of you. I can give you so much better.’ At the time, I was so vulnerable, being 14, and my emotions, you know, and he showed me that he cared, and he loved me, because I wasn’t getting that from home.”
Tanya goes back to the day her captor took her virginity at 14.

Dr. Phil asks about Tom’s alleged accomplice, a woman named Judy.

Tanya says Judy helped change her appearance, as per Tom’s order. She cut Tanya’s hair to chin-length and dyed it bright red to disguise her as she travelled between their houses that first month. At the time, Tanya says Judy made it seem like changing her look was just something fun to do.

A photo of Judy appears behind Tanya. “What do you think when you look at her now?” Dr. Phil asks.

[AD]“That I can’t believe she went along with him, that she didn’t say something to anybody, of what he was doing,” she says.

“What was her motive? Why would she do this for someone else? She knows this is a young girl, and she helps him get you under his control and imprison you for all of these years. What do you make of that?” he asks.

“You just don’t say no to Tom. He’s that type of person. You don’t say no to him. You just don’t,” she says.
Tanya describes the first four years of her captivity.

Tanya says her typical day began with getting up very early in the morning when Tom woke up. After his son left for school, they would have sex. After he left for work at 6:00 a.m., she was allowed to watch television or listen to the radio with headphones on. Because the headphones didn’t have a long cord, she says she would be watching the TV from a short distance. “I have eyesight problems now because of it,” she says.

She tells Dr. Phil, “My days were just repetition. He would leave, make me lock the door. I would go back to sleep for a little bit, put on the morning shows and then shut the TV off about 10-, 11:00, and then I would just sit there the rest of the day. Sometimes I would put my headphones in the radio, but mostly just sat there. And I mostly sat by the furnace vent, listening to the conversations that his parents were having downstairs, or if his mom was on the phone, listening to her conversation.”

When it came to washing up, Tanya says she only got to bathe once a week. Tom would take her downstairs in the middle of the night, after his parents were in bed. “He would sneak me downstairs. The bathroom was in the cellar, all open, just a concrete floor, and I would have to hurry up and take a shower,” she says. Tanya says Tom would be standing there, looking at his watch, telling her to hurry. To dry her hair, she’d lie down near the furnace vent and spread her hair on top of it.

[AD]“Did you ever say, ‘I don’t want to go back up there. Let me go. Why are you doing this to me? I want to leave’?” Dr. Phil asks.

“Yes. And then he’d threaten, not only me, but my family,” Tanya says.