Missing: John Clark

"My ex-wife is wanted by the FBI," says John. His wife, Eileen, disappeared with their three children over 10 years ago.

The couple met in 1985. "I fell madly in love with her," says John. A year later they married and over time had three kids: Chandler, Hayden and Rebekah. "When the children were born, our relationship began to change," he says. "Eileen experienced postpartum depression. She was totally unable to get out of bed to do the functions of a mother.

"Eileen was hanging out with a church group from South Africa, and they were guiding her. The closer she got with this religious group, the further and further away that we got."

The last time John saw his children was early in the morning on February 10, 1995. "The kids were around the breakfast table. I kissed my three kids on the head, and I went to work. I came home that evening, and she was gone. Everything was gone. Birth certificates were missing, diamond rings. She took all of the money out of the account, and I was bankrupt. I had no idea where she was. And at the time, the police wouldn't help me find her anyway. They said they couldn't do anything. She had a right to do whatever she wanted."

John spent that first night calling friends and relatives. "And most of the time I spent talking with her parents," he says, "trying to figure out if they knew exactly where she went, and they told me no."


The distraught father didn't sleep for days. "I would say the lowest moment of my life ... Not only had I failed at marriage, my kids were gone.

"Well, I immediately started to look for my kids. The first thing I did when she took off, I found the car at the airport, and I found the parking stub, and it said that the car was parked about 8:00 in the morning. So, I had some pictures with me, and the baggage guys at Southwest Airlines told me they helped her unload the bags."


John figured out that Eileen spent her first night away from him with a friend, Susan, in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Under advisement of an attorney, he hired a process server to deliver divorce papers.  When the process server arrived at the house, he saw Eileen inside. Spotted, Eileen moved behind a wall. John says, "About five minutes later, I called her mom and dad, and I told her mom that she was in Rancho Santa Fe, California, 'Here's the phone number,' and that was one of the last times that I ever spoke to the mom."



"One day, out of the blue, I received a very threatening phone call," John continues. "The gentleman announced himself on the phone as Abraham. He told me that my kids were children of God, and that if I continued to look for my kids, that great harm would come to my parents and myself. I've hired private investigators, I worked with four different FBI agents, I spent $10,000 on attorney's fees. It's like she dropped off the planet, totally disappeared."

When his kids left, they were 7, 5 and 2. Today Chandler is 18, Hayden is 16 and Rebekah is
13. "For 10 years now, I have lived with their memories every day. I wonder where they are, how they're getting along, are they safe? I believe that Eileen's parents know where my kids are. Her parents claim that they've never seen or talked to her."


Two years later, John got a divorce by default. He remarried in 1998.

"John has never given up hope," says his wife, Jeanette. "His prayer, on a daily basis, is that he be connected with his children again. He's had almost 11 years of loss. He's had 33 birthday parties that he hasn't been able to be a part of."

"My greatest fear is I'll never see my kids again," John says. "I don't want to leave this earth without having the opportunity to see them again. I just truly hope they don't think I'm dead."



Dr. Phil says to John, "Now, a year ago, her signature showed up on a court document, correct? A little over a year ago."

"That's correct," John confirms.

"And there's an attorney on there as well," Dr. Phil continues. "The document was to waive her right to appear
so something could be adjudicated. Does that mean that there's an attorney out there who knows where she is?"

John says, "Well, according to my agent that I work with at the FBI, they interviewed the attorney. The attorney told the FBI that he was never directly in contact with Eileen, that he was engaged by a family member, the parents, so he is telling the FBI that he has
not been in contact or does not know her whereabouts."

"But if her parents hired him, then they have to have been in contact with her," says Dr. Phil.

John believes Eileen's parents know exactly where she is and how to get in touch with her. So John and his private investigator, Guy Antinozzi, paid them a visit.

"Marion and Dorothy have not seen me for a little over 11 years," says John. "I'm a little apprehensive to walk up there, but I know it needs to be done."

"I'm going to have copy of a Waiver of Appearance form," says Guy. "Eileen Clark signed this form waiving her appearance in federal court, and this document allegedly is her legal signature. I think Eileen's parents know where their daughter is."

John and Guy arrive at colonial style house on woodsy grounds. Guy knocks on the door and calls, "Hello." Soon Eileen's father, Marion, emerges from a different area of the house. Guy introduces himself.

"We've been trying to find Eileen, and our best lead we have is a document that was signed by her," Guy says. John fishes the document from his jacket and hands it over. "Do you have any idea how this document got signed? When was the last time you had contact with her?"

Marion says his daughter will call once in a while, but he doesn't know where from, doesn't have caller ID and doesn't keep any phone records. He acknowledges that the signature on the form looks like hers. Marion then inquires with John about the well-being of his parents. John replies, curtly, that they're fine.

Marion goes on to ask whether John has remarried yet, and whether he has kids. But Guy shows his determination to press on with questions relevant to the case.

Guy: Is she in any kind of a group or organization as far as you know?
Marion: As far as I know, she's not.
Guy: Do you think she's in the country, or do you think she's out of the country?
Marion: I don't know. I can't tell.

Guy: How about mail? Have you gotten any mail from her?
Marion: I don't think so, no.
Guy: Nothing? Do you think I could ask your wife to come out and talk to us?
Marion: I'd rather not.

John steps in. "How come you haven't helped anybody find her?" he asks. "I mean, you act like y'all are concerned, but you don't do anything about it. You don't even call me. You don't talk to me. You don't do anything. All I get is you guys hiring attorneys."


"Well you got a warrant out on her," Marion counters.

"That wasn't me," says John. "That's the state of New Mexico. That's not John Clark."

"You're behind it, and you know it, John," says Marion.

Guy makes another plea to Marion's sympathies on behalf of the kids, but Marion apologizes for his inability to help. John asks if he can call with further questions, but Marion says he'd rather John didn't. Instead, he sends a greeting to his parents.

Before departing, Guy tells Marion, "This is not OK. It's not OK for you, it's not OK for your wife, and it's certainly not OK for John. There's a warrant out, and she is a fugitive. Sure, it's sometimes hard, and maybe you just don't want to tell us, but it seems like you would have some idea. I mean, is she in the country, at least?"

"She's had a bitter experience," says Marion.

"I've had a very bitter experience, Marion," adds John.

"Well, take care of yourself," Marion says, sending John and Guy on their way.


With the interview behind him, John says, "He lied. He's going to get on the phone now and call her. He knows he's broken the law. That's harboring a fugitive. I was getting a little angry. He spent more time asking me direct questions about how my parents were than he was about dealing with the issue at hand. I just hope that the American people out there are going to see her on Dr. Phil, and that we'll have more leads, and we'll be able to put an end to this."

If you recognize these faces, please call:

Investigative Solutions at:


The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at:
1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678)

Dr. Phil requests, "Anything you know. And please, we don't want prank leads and calls. Give us something that you truly believe is a lead, and we'll do what we can to try to connect you up with these kids."