A Tragedy and a Confession?

Becky continues to tearfully recount the story of what happened after she left her baby, Degan, with Mike and went in search of help. Mike called her while he had the all three kids with him.

"And then they went to a park to play, and then they walked into this field. He was talking to me on the phone. I had no idea they were there," Becky says. "He let me talk to the baby. I would say, ‘I love you.' He would say ‘Mommy,' and I could hear Mike " he was prompting [Degan] to say goodbye. I said, ‘I love you,' and he hung up.

"Mike made the girls say goodbye to Degan, and he just told the girls that he was going to run away with him and that he wouldn't see them for a long time. They kept begging him to let them go too," she says. Becky pauses. "And he wouldn't let them. He gave them a note with numbers to call, to run back into town and call for someone to come get them. And he made them say goodbye. And they ran as fast as they could back into town and called their uncle, and he came and picked them up."

[AD]Becky weeps. "A couple of hours passed. One of the officers came and told me " " she says, gathering herself before continuing, "that a farmer saw Mike dumping a body in a field. There was a murky pool of water. The police had told me then that Mike had drowned Degan.

"I have to cope with the idea that he's never coming back, and I have to try to help the girls understand that he's never coming back again. It's really sad for them. They struggle with that, like, every day," Becky says.

Something else haunts Becky about that horrific day: The chilling details Mike gave about what he says happened to Kimberly.


John, Kindra and Becky join Dr. Phil. All three are in tears after seeing Becky's interview.

"John, I know that's absolutely horrific to hear that account of what he says took place with your daughter," Dr. Phil says.

"I went a long time never knowing," he says. "You just kind of imagine. I wished that she ran away, like he said. And to go that many years without seeing my granddaughters, and then I still didn't know what happened to Kimmy until I was in court, listening to the coroner talk about the measurable sand in Degan's stomach and lungs." Overwhelmed with emotion, John takes off his glasses and wipes his tears before continuing. "And then the detective told the story that " " John pauses, remembering when he learned of Mike's alleged confession to Becky. "Nobody should have to go through this. And why haven't they arrested him for this?" he asks Dr. Phil.

[AD]Mike was charged with first-degree murder in the death of Degan but pleaded down to child abuse causing death. He is currently serving a 48-year prison sentence. There have been no arrests or charges in Kimmy's disappearance, and her body has not been found.


If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Kimberly Medina, please contact Investigator Paul Goodman with the Attorney General's Office at (303) 866-5331.