Moments of Crisis: Cindi's Story
Dr. Phil's sister-in-law describes the vicious attack on her and how she got through her moment of crisis.

"My family knows first hand the courage it takes to survive a moment of crisis," says Dr. Phil. "My first guest, Cindi, is my wife's sister. For Cindi, the horrible moment came when a maniac did the unthinkable."

While Cindi was driving to the airport with a friend, an attacker dropped a vat of acid onto her windshield from an overpass. The acid burned 70 percent of her body. Authorities still haven't caught the perpetrator.

Cindi has had to undergo more than a dozen surgeries because of her injuries, but says that she decided not to let the attacker hurt her a second time by destroying her spirit. "I've decided not to wake up every day bitter and angry," says Cindi.

Cindi says she couldn't have gotten through the ordeal without the love of her three daughters: Brandi, Angela and Shelli.

Recalling the incident, Cindi explains, "I knew I was dying, and I had a very calm peace about me because I had a message that came to me that I had to get through." Cindi begged her friend to pull the car over. "You have got to tell my children how much I love them and that I'm not ready to leave them," she told her friend as they drove to get help.

Dr. Phil asks Cindi how she keeps her positive attitude through this ordeal and she lightheartedly responds, "Well, I did call on lessons I learned from my brother-in-law."

"It's easy to be a victim but you've never taken that attitude," says Dr. Phil. "You never let a victim mentality get a grip on you."

If you have any knowledge about the attack on Cindi, please call this toll free number. You can remain anonymous and there is a reward being offered for any information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator(s) of this crime.