Moments of Crisis: Slideshow 2

Moments of Crisis: Slideshow 2
Stories of tragedy and triumph from guests who survived moments of crisis.

Steve went to Bali to help his best friend celebrate his birthday when a terrorist blast killed 183 people — including Steve's friend. Steve now suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in addition to his numerous physical injuries. "Every time I close my eyes I still see the violence, the fire, the bodies burning, the body parts flying," says Steve.

An avid surfer, Steve has created a Web site to memorialize his best friend:

Nicole fell through the roof of a building, shattered her pelvis, and crawled across the floor with her elbows for an hour in order to get to a phone and call for help. She almost bled to death. The accident has shattered Nicole's confidence and made her fearful. "People see me as a strong woman," says Nicole. "I don't feel strong anymore. Now I'm afraid to even go to the bathroom without taking the phone."

When asked what got her through the traumatic experience, Nicole responds, "I figured if I hadn't died in the fall, there must be a reason. God must have a plan for me. I needed to stick to my end of the bargain and get to a phone. My only child was getting married...and I needed to stay alive to make it to her wedding."

Denise is a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Now in her eighth year on the job, Denise asks, "Dr. Phil, how do I find a way to stay sane and balance the effects of this job and its stresses since I'm not going to quit and I love this job?"

"Standing at arms length from it is sometimes the only way to get through it," says Dr. Phil. "If you run across someone that is in harms way, you can't help them by jumping into the hole with them. You help them by providing leadership and helping them get out of there. Give yourself permission to maintain a clinical air. Perform your job efficiently and professionally without getting absorbed by it — otherwise you can't continue to do it day after day. If there is an air of detachment, it doesn't mean that you are cold or don't care."

Christian is only 9, but he has already delivered a baby! When his mother went into labor and collapsed in the hallway, Christian called 9-1-1. With the help of a dispatcher on the other end of the line, he successfully delivered his baby sister. "He's my hero," says Christian's mother Jennifer.