Moms' Biggest Mistakes: Shawn King

Shawn King, wife of famed CNN broadcaster Larry King, works hard to find balance in life. She has to juggle a demanding schedule, a singing career and being a mom to their two young sons, and her older son, Danny.


"I was a single mom very early on. I took Danny out of school a lot because I had a job on a show called Hollywood Insider," Shawn explains. "I would take Danny with me. I think it handicapped him. He had to really work to get into the groove of taking school seriously. I think the biggest mistake I made with Dan was not reading to him as much as I do to Chance and Cannon, and not insisting that he go to school."

When Shawn goes on the road, she takes a webcam, which allows her to communicate with her family. "If I'm going to be away for five days, they'll choose five books, and each night, I will read a book to them over the Internet," she says. "The biggest thing that I've learned is that no matter how busy you are, you can carve out 15 minutes at the end of the day to spend focusing on your child."


Larry supports his wife's singing career. "She's got a lot of talent, and now she's finally blooming with this talent, so it's exciting to see that she can really sing," he says.

"Music is just one of my passions, but family to me is just everything. It's where my soul is filled. And I am so thankful for his support," Shawn says, choking up.

Dr. Phil reiterates that it's necessary for parents to maintain balance if they want to keep the spark in their marriage. "You and Larry take time to spend together as well," he says to Shawn.
"We do," she agrees. "We have the Larry King Cardiac Foundation, which Larry started before he married me, but I'm now the chair of it. That is one of our great passions. We do that together. We have date nights. That's really essential, I think, in keeping that spark going."

"You've been pursuing the singing career as well, so now you're balancing the foundation, being a wife, being a mother and doing the singing career," Dr. Phil observes. 
"Spinning plates," Shawn laughs. 
"Are you having fun?"
"I'm having a blast! I took the kids with me for the most part of recording this project. It took two-and-a-half years to do, and I think it's important for kids to see what their mom and dad do when they walk out the door."

With some help from her brother Paul, Shawn performs her latest single, "Find Me," from her new album, "In My Own Backyard."


After the show, Shawn performs another song, "Strength in Numbers."
Everyone in the audience will receive a copy of her new CD.