Money Saving Tips and Tricks: Audience

Audience Members Weigh In

"One way I save money is I pack my husband's lunch for work, and we save about $150-$200 a month," says Tammy.

[AD]Bridgette shares her tips for being fashionable on a budget. "My friends and I, we find a look that we like in a magazine and find it for less," she says. "We can use accessories and cheaper items. Pair a more expensive bottom with a cheaper top and make it look like an expensive outfit."

Natalie has tips for buying furniture. "Instead of going to a showroom or gallery, I find my furniture at garage sales, thrift shops, refurbish them, and they become my own one-of-a-kind piece," she says.

A husband and wife share, "One of the money-saving tips that we have is to take all of our loose change and put it in piggy banks around the house. By the end of the year, we have enough money for our vacation in Aruba."