More In-laws: After the Show

After the show, Eda feels that she didn't get a chance to express herself. "Alaina's problem is that she wants to be in control. She doesn't want help," she says angrily.

Alaina chimes in, "I also said if I want help, I will ask for help."

Eda shoots back, "That would be never."

"That's my problem then."

Dr Phil intervenes. "You're saying that she needs to take help and won't because she wants to be in control indicates to me that, in fact, you want to be in control," Dr. Phil tells Eda. "You want to determine when she gets help, and that she needs to take it because anybody would. That's not true. Anybody would unless they're a new, young mom who's wanting to run their own family and raise their own kids and feel like they are in control."

Eda interrupts: "Give me respect as a grandmother."

"I agree," Dr. Phil says. "You're in a tough situation and you're not handling it well. He points out that Alaina didn't invite her mother-in-law to her twins' baptism. "Not good," Dr. Phil says. "That's not fair to you. That's not right. You're on top of each other. You've got to back off each other and try to normalize your relationship. You have two strong personalities going at each other in one space."

To Ray, he says, "You're job is to carve out a place for your family."