More In-laws: Backstage Reactions

While Carol and Wanda tried to build a bridge, Kerry struggled to make sense of her mother Wanda's behavior. During their last appearance when Dr. Phil left the stage and Wanda thought the show was over, she had a few choice words for her daughter.

Kerry explains, "When she went to give me a hug, she whispered in my ear: 'You've got god d**n big balls you little b**ch. And that's the truth. Don't go telling Dr. Phil I said that.' She gets away with it, right? Because nobody else sees it. She came up to give me a hug to make it look like everything's great and that's what she whispered in my ear."

On the limo ride back to the hotel, Wanda shares her thoughts. "Right now, I'm just emotionally drained. I hope Dr. Phil doesn't believe I was just playing for the camera," she says.

Kerry sees a long road ahead. "I think my mom is kind of going to stay the same. She's going to say, 'Why did you air my dirty laundry?' And things may get worse ... If my mom can't change then, I guess it's going to be me, Ernie and the girls. If she wants to be involved, fine. If she doesn't, fine, too."

Growing emotional, Wanda says, "I never pictured myself that bad. Maybe like Dr. Phil says, you can't face an issue unless you know what it is." She wipes her eyes. "He's right. I don't feel like I've lost my daughter. I hope not."