More In-laws: Carol and Wanda

The bitter feud between Carol and Wanda has disrupted their children's lives for years. To put their differences aside, the mothers-in-law agreed to meet for coffee -- but only for 10 minutes.

"From the time Wanda sat down, I don't think it was a hard, long time for me to sit there," Carol reports, although she was shaking her leg anxiously during the encounter. "It wasn't painful for me."

Wanda also expresses shock that they were able to be civil. "When I first came over there, I was amazed that she asked me to sit down ... and that she initiated the conversation," she admits. "I was very proud of her."

The in-laws discussed grandkids and vacations, which Carol calls "false chit chat." "We have nothing in common to talk about except grandchildren, and so I just made conversation," she says.

Wanda looks at her watch. "Thirty seconds left," she announces.

Carol laughs. "Thirty seconds. Why are you timing it?"

After the meeting, both women saw progress in their relationship. "I guess the positive part of it was that Dr. Phil said enough to us to get us to sit down and talk," Carol says.

Wanda agrees. "I was very surprised she opened up that much. I just thought Carol would go into total shock," she says. "This would not have happened in this lifetime had it not been for Dr. Phil's intervention."