Chloe Comes Clean

When 17-year-old Chloe last appeared on Dr. Phil, she angrily left the stage when confronted with a lie. She and, as Dr. Phil says, "her equally rude boyfriend, Dusty," are back to clear the air. 

Watch as Chloe storms offstage when she last appeared on Dr. Phil.

"You were really upset after the last show because you said you were made to look crazy," Dr. Phil says to Chloe. "How do you feel about that now?"

"I just want to redeem myself. No one saw behind the scenes of what was happening, and everyone was questioning me all at once. I was trying to stick up for myself. I came off rude," Chloe says.

[AD]"You were rude " there's no other way to describe that," Dr. Phil says. He goes on to say he asks tough questions and can't help when he's not being told the truth. "I have to deal with the facts. I asked you if you were dating Dusty, and you said no; but you were," Dr. Phil says. "You had seen him the night before. You were lying, and that's the bottom line."

Chloe says she went to therapy with her family after her Dr. Phil appearance but was kicked out after two sessions. She explains being frustrated quarreling with her mom and not being able to get her point across. When asked to leave the room, she simply never returned.

"Chloe was in conflict with everyone on the [last] show," Dr. Phil says. "There wasn't one person on the stage she got along with."

Chloe says after the last show, she moved out of her parents' home and to Kansas in order to live with her biological father. "I'm working at a jelly factory putting caps on jars and putting them in boxes," she says.

"Your mom thinks that you need to return to college," Dr. Phil says. "She wants you to strive for a career you can feel good about other than working in a jelly factory. She wants you to be safe. This job can be dangerous? Didn't you get injured recently?"

[AD]Chloe says that while removing salsa from a conveyor belt, she spilled it on her arm. She was left with a burn.


Dr. Phil questions Chloe's choices. "You could be going to college funded by your trust fund, plus paying you some money [and] playing sports. Instead, you're in Kansas working at a jelly factory. How's all that working for you?"

Chloe says when she initially moved to Kansas, she was attending a college there and playing basketball, however, she had to drop out after only two days.