Trouble Times Two

Dr. Phil says when Chloe previously appeared on the show, she was asked if she was obsessed with her boyfriend, Dusty. It was when she was cornered to admit she had seen him the night before the show that she stormed offstage.

"One thing we know is that the tape doesn't lie; that was you, and that was then. You lied, and Dusty lied, and then you called the producer a name. If you're here to redeem yourself, you have to start dealing with the truth," Dr. Phil says. "You have to realize, ‘The choices I'm making only impact [me].'"


[AD]When Chloe left Dr. Phil last, she dated Dusty for one month, until she says Dusty cheated on her and things turned sour. Despite changing his phone number, Dusty says Chloe continued to call him repeatedly. Since moving a thousand miles away, the two have not seen one another. They were reunited this week.

"Chloe is persistent at not giving up," Dusty says of their reunion. "I want her to understand, I just like her as a friend."

Dusty says he was involved with OxyContin when he last appeared on the show. Since then, he says he had progressed to heroin use. He says he stopped when a good friend died of an overdose. He still also believes Chloe is pursuing him.

"This is what I don't get," Dr. Phil says to Chloe. "We look at you and you're just gorgeous and you're intelligent " and you can be charming. At one level, he [Dusty] has been pretty straight with you."

"I'm not trying to have a relationship," Dusty says. He does admit he has girlfriends, however.

Chloe says while he was in jail, Dusty wrote her a love letter, which he later chewed and spit back out at her.

"See, I'm getting these signs [that Dusty is uninterested]," Dr. Phil says.

When Chloe previously appeared on the show, she bickered with her family about missing money. She said she wanted to take a polygraph to declare her innocence.

[AD]"The polygraph result was inconclusive ... We told you that you cannot take drugs, alcohol or anything that will alter your chemistry," Dr. Phil says. "You did drink the night before, and smoke marijuana the day of [the polygraph], and that just sends [the machine] out of control."

A private conversation between Chloe and Dusty is caught on tape.

Dr. Phil says stimulants and depressants invalidate a polygraph test. He had hoped the test would show one way or another, so Chloe and her family could move on, however, an inconclusive read leaves the situation in a state of limbo.

Chloe says she's accepted that her relationship with Dusty has no future, and she moved a thousand miles away to get some separation. She says that in that move, she met her dad.

"You didn't know your [biological] dad existed for one-half of your life. True?" Dr. Phil asks.

"True," Chloe says.

Dr. Phil says, much like Dusty, Chloe's biological father, James, has been in and out of prison for much of his life. He's currently in prison now on a 26-month sentence. He speaks to Dr. Phil via telephone.

[AD]"I'm currently here on a probation violation," James says. "All my past trouble [has] caught up to me."

Chloe says she was with her father when he was arrested. She says she had a gun pointed at her and was handcuffed while they determined her identity.

James says he wants to see his daughter go to school. "I would just never want to see her go in the steps that I have," he says. 

Dr. Phil delivers an empathetic message to Chloe.


Chloe says school is not for her, although she'd like to stay in Kansas.

"You can't love your job at the jelly factory. That's not a career position. Those days can turn into weeks, and those weeks can turn into months, and before you know it, you're getting your five-year pin at the jelly factory. You start surviving instead of striving. Next thing you know, it's slipping away," Dr. Phil says.

Dusty agrees that Chloe should go back to school.

Dr. Phil offers Chloe the opportunity to speak to a professional counselor, but she says she's not interested.

[AD]"That's OK. I think you have conducted yourself like a lady. I think you've been very honest with me and the questions I've had. As a result, I'm very willing to try to help you in any way that I can. If you want someone to talk to at some point, tell me," Dr. Phil says. He also offers her an opportunity to re-take the polygraph test.  "We can chalk it up to a misunderstanding. We'll see if there's some basis for rebuilding this relationship with your family. If they owe you an apology, they need to give it to you."


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