A Redemptive Return

"You may remember Todd, one of my more, shall we say, creative guests," Dr. Phil says. "He spun quite a few tales on this stage, and so did his wife."

When Todd first appeared on Dr. Phil, his wife Deborah admitted to falsifying charges that sent him to prison for close to a year.

"She infuriated me by what she did to me," Todd said. "I have thoughts of revenge that I can't get rid of. I think it would be a good idea for her to spend 30 to 45 days in jail for what she did to me."

After that show, Dr. Phil says Todd did get revenge by making up assault charges that got Deborah arrested. Further, Dr. Phil says they received notification that Todd had accidentally drowned in an Alaskan crab boat incident. "Or did he?" asked Dr. Phil.

Todd explained he did get hurt while working for a brief period of time on a boat in Alaska, but Dr. Phil found his way through Todd's deception. "You posted a letter out of South Carolina on the 11th of December when you supposedly are getting crushed by a crab boat," Dr. Phil said. "You didn't spend three days in the hospital because we talked to the hospital and you were never there. You can't work on a processing boat in a fishery up there without a license. You never got a license " you couldn't work there. We talked to the woman you're renting a room with, and she said you never left. Let's go whole hog " you faked your death."

On the last show, Deborah expressed exhaustion at dealing with first the emotional toll of a faked death, then finding out her husband was living with another woman. "Where does it stop with you, Todd?" Deborah says. "Where does it stop?"

It was on that show the supposed other woman spoke to Dr. Phil via phone and said she was only roommates with Todd.

Deborah was not convinced. "You don't have an iota of what you've put me through. You've emotionally devastated me," she yelled at him angrily.

[AD]After that show, Todd unleashed on Dr. Phil staff a campaign of obsessive and repeated voicemails. Here is just part of his rant:


- "Right now my head's about to come off. I'm so damn pissed off at you for what you've done."

- "I'll drag your little * out of that damn studio."

- "Right now, I can't even *-ing see straight." 

- "I live in the deep south and we do things differently here."

- "I swear to God I'm coming out there this weekend, and I will track your narrow * down."


For more of Todd's voicemails, click here.



Todd says he's back on Dr. Phil to offer several apologies. "I wasted your time [on] that last episode," Todd tells Dr. Phil. "Huge apologies to Phil and Alex [show producers]. They've been fantastic to me every time I've been out here." He offers additional apologies to Dr. Phil. "Everything you were trying to get out was true. I was just wasting your time when you could have been helping someone else."

Dr. Phil says that if Todd was to appear on the show open and honest and ready to handle the facts, there would have been nothing overwhelming about his appearance on the show. "I do my homework. I had checks and bank statements and security cameras of you standing at home when you were supposedly up here drowning on a crab boat. [That] was an amazingly creative lie," he says.

[AD]Todd tries to explain the root of his plan to fake his own death. He says he and Deborah should not have been together, and their relationship grew contentious. He had accepted a job through a company in Alaska. He said he had completed the paperwork and Deborah was aware Todd would be travelling there. "The months that she thought I was dead were some of the most peaceful months during the years I'd ever had," he says.


Dr. Phil gets Todd to admit he was drinking during the harassing phone calls threatening Dr. Phil staff members. Dr. Phil tells Todd that placing threatening long-distance phone calls and interstate e-mails is a federal crime.

"If you were going to fabricate this elaborate ruse faking your death " did you really think you were going to blow that one by me?" Dr. Phil says. He also asks Todd if he has apologized to the show producers that he threatened.

Todd says he has tried to communicate his appreciation. "You have a great staff here. I told them that," he says.

Dr. Phil questions Todd about his alcohol abuse. "You're drunk dialing and you're blacking out?" Dr. Phil asks.

[AD]"Yes, sir, and there's a lot of anger that probably goes back 20 years that is coming to surface," Todd says. "I'm having a hard time dealing with it." Todd adds that he's not currently pursuing alcohol addiction treatment of any kind, however is open to it, and Dr. Phil offers to arrange help for him. 

"I commend you for being here. I certainly accept your apology to me. I will help you the best I can."

"I tell people the truth."


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