"My Big Fat Follow-up": Kerri"

"My Big Fat Follow-up": Kerri"
Dr. Phil follows up with Kerri on her weight loss journey.
About a year ago, Kerri, who weighed 270 pounds for most of her adult life, lost 140 pounds.

"People started telling me that I was definitely getting too thin and it seemed to me that nobody liked the new me," says Kerri, who came on the show seeking Dr. Phil's help about coping with reactions from her loved ones to the changes in her life.

Her mom, for example, said Kerri was on "a very short fuse," and her two daughters agreed that she was nicer when she was heavier.

Kerri admits that she took her weight loss efforts to the extreme. "It definitely became an obsession," she says. "Being on the Dr. Phil show was a huge wake-up call for me ... At the time, I really didn't think I looked as pale and gaunt as what I saw on TV."

While on the show, Dr. Phil likened Kerri's relationship with food to an addiction, saying, "Addictive personalities tend to do everything in the extremes. If they're addicted to food, they will eat to the extreme. If they give that up, they will diet to the extreme. That pendulum needs to swing and settle in the middle."

Once Kerri implemented the balance that Dr. Phil discussed, her

lifestyle changed as well. She gained 20 pounds and saw her energy level increasing. Her moods improved, and she was also able to have a better relationship with her family and friends.

"Over the last year, there have been huge changes for me," says Kerri, who recently got engaged and purchased a home. "Dr. Phil, I am eternally grateful to you for jumpstarting me on my road to recovery."