'My Life is a Mess'
A husband and wife are at odds because his unfinished projects are driving her crazy!
"My husband is king of unfinished projects. It's so overwhelming," says Jody.

Rick agrees that his do-it-yourself approach is wreaking havoc on the household. "It kind of reminds me of The Money Pit. Every time you touch something, something else falls apart," he explains. "We finish projects by a certain priority system. My wife complains about it until I can't stand it anymore."

Jody points out that the swing set is in disrepair, the back door needs a new lock, and there are holes in the basement floor where a bathroom should be. "I just don't understand why he doesn't finish something," she says, exasperated. "On my bad days, I'm evil, resentful, nasty and I just don't want to be around him."

Rick feels unfairly nagged. "No matter what I accomplish, I'm always judged by what I fail to do," he says. "I've reached the point where I have no plan."

Worrying that her house will soon be in ruins, Jody turns to Dr. Phil for help.
"What are you thinking?" Dr. Phil asks Rick.

Rick laughs, "I'm starting one project and then waiting for her to nag about the next thing and then starting that."

When Dr. Phil asks why, Rick replies, "I get to a certain point with a project and then all of a sudden I realize, 'I really don't know how to do this.'"

Jody chimes in, "He blames me."

"Are these assigned projects?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Here's my philosophy. This is your home. You live in your house. If it's broken, just fix it," she answers, as the audience applauds.

Dr. Phil counters, "Some of us don't have a lot of skill in these areas."

Rick adds that he feels pressure from Jody to finish household projects. "There are constant demands on my time," he says.

"Do you nag him?" Dr. Phil probes.

"Absolutely. I am a nag, but I've got lots to nag about," Jody responds.
"How is this working for you?" Dr. Phil asks. "He's destroying the house."

Jody interjects, "You're making it seem like it's my fault for nagging."

"Are you letting your mouth overrun your brain again?" Dr. Phil jokes. To Rick, he asks, "Why do you think you don't finish these things?"

"I think I start things because I have every intention of fixing them, and I reach a certain point with them and I keep on moving on," he replies.

Jody offers her opinion: "I tell him it's another control issue, because I'll admit I'm kind of a control freak, but I think that's his way of controlling."

To Rick, Dr. Phil says, "You're not fighting about the house. The house is just the battleground. You're just passive-aggressive resisting her control, telling you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it," Dr. Phil explains. "I think when you jackhammer a trench through the bedroom and then don't finish it, to me that speaks volumes."

Rick agrees. "It is a war zone. We are battling over control."Dr. Phil wants Jody to see the futility of pressuring her husband to fix their 80-year-old house. "I'd think after 30 or 40 times, you'd quit asking him to tear your house up," he remarks. "It seems to me like you're losing badly."

"That's why we're here. I want you to fix him," she says.

Telling the couple that he sent pictures of their home to RenovationExperts.com, Dr. Phil says, "They're going to send a team of contractors to your house. They're also going to throw in $10,000 cash to start working on this stuff to get some things done."

As Jody stares in amazement, Dr. Phil tells her, "I promised them you wouldn't nag them." Turning to Rick, he teases, "And I promised them you wouldn't help them."