'My Life is a Mess'
Edie and Josh can't control their three dogs and fear for their unborn baby.
"My husband, Josh, and I have three dogs and they have become a problem," admits Edie. "The dogs have full run of our house."

She and Josh have been married for three years and they're expecting their first child. Josh says their three dogs are going to destroy the house before the baby arrives. "They've completely obliterated our brand new carpet in the living room. They just tore a big hole in the couch," Josh complains.

"They pee and poop in the house. My dogs make a mess about four days out of the week," Edie says. She and Josh have to steam clean nearly every day. Josh is tired of going through a roll of paper towels every day, and says, "We have to get a fence or get rid of the dogs."

Edie feels that getting rid of her "babies" would be the last resort. She worries that if Josh takes his anger out on her dogs, he won't be able to control his temper with the baby.

Josh feels caught in the middle. "I honestly do feel like she would choose them over me," he says. "Dr. Phil, my wife's dogs are destroying my house. Now we have a baby on the way. What can we do?"
"After watching that video, what do you think?" Dr. Phil asks Edie.

She replies, "I honestly don't think that's how it is ... He's just as responsible as me in taking care of them."

"I'm not talking about who's responsible," Dr. Phil says. "They are just hosing down your house and worse! Is that OK with you?"

"No, it's not OK," she admits.

Dr. Phil counters, "Apparently, it is."

"They do it when we aren't looking," Edie protests.

When Dr. Phil wonders why the dogs are in the house, Edie explains, "Because we don't have a fence. We weren't planning on having kids. We were planning on having dogs."
Pointing out the unsanitary conditions of having dog urine on the carpet, Dr. Phil says, "You certainly can't have a baby crawling around on there. Just like children, dogs have to be socialized. I can tell you from watching those dogs, those are unsocialized dogs. They don't have any limits or boundaries ... They haven't been trained ... You've got to get a higher standard. You've got a baby on the way."

He has a surprise for the couple. "If I got the people at Lowe's to come out and build you a fence that was safe for the dogs, would you move them outside?" he asks.

"Oh yeah," Edie says.

Lowe's will also replace their old carpet with FLOR carpet tiles, which can be replaced one square at a time.
Dr. Phil and Robin recently got a puppy, Maggie, from a shelter. She was abandoned at a construction site and rescued by Animals Anonymous in Los Angeles.

After showing off a picture of the latest addition to his family, Dr. Phil reiterates to Edie and Josh the importance of having a well-trained dog.