My Makeover Didn't Work: Kris

My Makeover Didn't Work: Kris
Dr. Phil speaks with guests madeover on the outside but not the inside.
Kris has had 11 cosmetic procedures, and recently scheduled her fourth breast augmentation. "I have one breast that rides higher than the other and I'm opting to correct that," she says. Kris works for a plastic surgeon, but is adamant that she would have had all of her procedures done regardless.

Because of the negative reaction she gets from her mother, Carol, and sister, Kathy, she doesn't tell them about her scheduled procedures anymore. "I want my mother to be accepting of who I am," says Kris, who doesn't think she has a problem with plastic surgery. "My discussions with my sister Kathy about plastic surgery are hurtful. She makes me feel so uncomfortable. She is so negative toward me," she says.

"She should have stopped a long time ago," says Kathy, who thinks Kris' breasts are too large and look unnatural. Although Kathy had liposuction done once, and would consider other surgeries if she could afford it, she says she doesn't think she would take it to the level that Kris has.
"I don't believe in plastic surgery, period," says Kris' mother, Carol. "I believe in growing old gracefully." Carol is concerned that her daughter has had one too many cosmetic surgeries and her biggest worry is about Kris' health and the risks involved. "My daughters are both beautiful. I don't think they need anything done," she says. Carol is worried about her daughters looking too "plastic" and wants to know if she should just mind her own business.

Kris explains that her first procedure was breast augmentation because she always felt that she was born without breasts and was tired of looking like a 12-year-old boy. Dr. Phil asks her what else she has had done and what is her intended result.

"I've had some liposuction on my abdomen. I've had my upper and lower eyes done and I had a chin implant," says Kris, who adds that her intention is to maintain what she was blessed with: really good genes.

"So they just need to mind their own business. You're saying, your body, your decision," says Dr. Phil. Kris agrees.

Dr. Phil asks Kathy what she thinks. Kathy admits that her comments about Kris are usually negative, so now Kris doesn't inform her when she has surgery scheduled. Reminding Kathy that she's had liposuction, Dr. Phil asks, "So what are you doggin' on her for?" Kathy admits that she's jealous of Kris because she was always a bit thinner.

Carol says she wishes her daughters could just be happy with themselves. "I think beauty comes from within," she adds, and the audience applauds.
Dr. Phil turns to Kris: "It is your decision, and if you want to have surgery, that's your business. And the only person to whom you are accountable is you." He explains that she should weigh the feedback she gets from the people in her life, but the final decision is hers. "You need to ask yourself the hard questions because you do have to be accountable to you. Ask yourself if you have an addiction problem. Are you trying to fix some psychological problem with some physical solution? You want to fix the psychological problem, if it exists, and then if you want to have the surgery, do it for the right reasons, and be prepared to live with the result."

He turns to Kris's mother and sister. "Sorry, she's grown. My attitude has always been: At the end of the day, I'm going to be held accountable to me, so I'm going to paddle my own canoe."