My Makeover Didn't Work: Sharon

My Makeover Didn't Work: Sharon
Dr. Phil speaks with guests madeover on the outside but not the inside.
Sharon, left, and Karen, right, are identical twins who've been compared their whole lives. Because her nose had been broken, Sharon was made fun of growing up and always felt like the ugly twin. When she was 16, a boy she was dating told her that her sister Karen was his first choice. "I was always the one put on the backburner," says Sharon. "It made me feel less attractive. It hurt me a lot."

Sharon applied and got accepted to ABC's "Extreme Makeover" show. To look more like her sister, she brought the surgeons a photo of Karen. After having a nose job, chin implant, breast augmentation, gum sculpting and teeth veneers, Sharon wasn't expecting people's hurtful comments to her and her sister. For example, people have commented that her chin is more defined, and her smile isn't as "gummy" as Karen's. Sharon wants to know how to let people know their comments are hurtful.
Sharon explains that when you are a twin, people will look at you closely and try to point out the differences, which can be hard to hear. And since people learned of the surgery, it's happening more than ever, which affects both girls emotionally.

"What is it about you that you're giving your power away so much to someone, even a stranger, to determine how you feel?" asks Dr. Phil. "Let's assume that (people) aren't going to change. That people are going to continue to make sport of comparing two identical twins. Assume you're going to continue to get input that makes you uncomfortable. Don't you have to deal with how to handle that input?"

"What you have to decide is that you're not going to let other people decide how you feel about who you are. You can't change what people say. The only person you control is you and how to react to it," says Dr. Phil.

"Is it wrong to say something back to them?" asks Sharon.

"That would just be a starter for me," says Dr. Phil. "You do whatever is right for you." Dr. Phil adds, "And I promise you two, there are people all over America right now watching this and saying, 'You ain't got a problem.' You look great. You're both blessed with good genes, you're both healthy. This is your choice. You need to choose not to buy into it."