"My Mate's Not Hot Enough!": Sandi and Children"

Teaching a New Generation

Sandi says she's trying to teach her children good eating habits, but when they're with their father, he gives them whatever they like. "He takes our daughters to the donut store every morning," she says. "Because I'm worried about our kids weight, as punishment, I make them do sit-ups. When they are 17, in their bathing suits, [they'll thank me]. For now, it feels like punishment."

"I'm a label whore."

Dr. Phil asked the studio audience how much weight a partner can gain, before it becomes a problem. One-third said no amount would matter; 25 percent said 25 pounds, 20 percent said 50 pounds, 17 percent said 10 pounds and 7 percent said 100 pounds. "Half of you would have a problem if they gained 25 pounds!" Dr. Phil says, analyzing the statistical percentages. "Yet 90 percent of people [in our earlier poll] said personality [was most important]. That doesn't seem to add up!"

"Do you like the way you look?" Dr. Phil asks Otto. 

"I love the way I look," he says.

"What are you going to do if he decides not to go on this ‘Sandi program'?" Dr. Phil asks her.

Sandi says she'd still call her husband names, but accept it.

[AD]Otto says he's a workaholic, who has no time for sports, with all of his free time being spent with his family.

Dr. Phil quizzes Otto on his overall health. Otto says in a recent doctor's visit, he was told he was overweight. "Forget Sandi wanting you to be good arm candy. You have little girls. You want to have longevity in your life," Dr. Phil tells Otto. He encourages the husband to pursue avenues for health and fitness.