"My Mate's Not Hot Enough!": Sandi"

The World According to Sandi
Sandi says when she met her now husband, he had it all â€" money, brains and a six-pack. But, six years of marriage, and two kids later, she says it's time for him to lose her baby weight.

"When I was pregnant with our first daughter, I packed on a good 40 to 45 pounds," Sandi says. Otto says he put on weight right along with Sandi.

Sandi admits she calls Otto names at least once a day, and even though she's had two children, she says he looks like he's had them. Bikini ready at all times, she compares herself to Pamela Anderson. "I work out about three days a week," Sandi says. "I push my son around with my heels on, because to me, that's a very good workout, too."

[AD]"As far as my wife's looks, she has to look hot," Otto admits. "The same way I married you is the same way I want you." He says working hard, not working out, is a priority to him. "I prefer my pockets fat."

"My husband does give me everything that I ask for," Sandi agrees. From purses, to dresses, to trips, Sandi admits her husband is very good to her. "But, I'd like him to be hotter," she says.

"We still make love all night," Otto says. "I don't run out of breath, and usually it's her that taps out. I'd like Dr. Phil to tell Sandi that everybody loves a fat, bald guy!"

Sandi says that even though she wants her husband to slim down, it doesn't affect the way she feels about him. She just wants other people to envy how they look together.

"Why does that matter?" Dr. Phil asks.

"It matters to me in my world," she says.

"So, you want arm candy," Dr. Phil clarifies.

Otto says Sandi is the black Barbie. "The only thing thin in her world," he explains, "is her and the air." 

Sandi smiles and agrees wholeheartedly with her husband's description of her.

Dr. Phil tries to determine if Sandi's problem is with Otto's weight, or with others' perception of them.

"I just want the six-pack back," Sandi explains.

"I have a six-pack: six-pack of coke, six-pack of soda," he says, comically.

Sandi says that she fears Otto will just continue to gain more weight. "I'm always going to look like this!" she proclaims of her svelte figure.

"Oh, really," Dr. Phil says. "How do you know that?"

She says she knows how to get the weight off.

"And, you call him ‘Fat Daddy'?" Dr. Phil asks.

Sandi says the couple's children call him that too. 

[AD]Otto tells Dr. Phil the only thing he needs to do is make more money. He says his weight doesn't interfere with any of their everyday activities. "No one else complains!" he adds.

"Are you a good provider?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I'm a very good provider," Otto says.

Sandi adds that Otto takes very good care of her. "Whatever Sandi wants, Sandi gets," she says.

"I make the money," Otto says. "She makes it look good."

Sandi's best friend, Charisse, says Sandi is mean to her about her weight too. "She calls me Little Debbie," Charisse says, referring to the dessert snacks.

"Well, you're pretty proud of the way you turned out!" Dr. Phil tells Sandi. 

Charisse adds that Sandi once told her she should wire her jaw shut so she couldn't talk or eat.

Sandi explains she said that because Charisse calls regularly complaining about her weight, and that solution would solve both problems: eating and complaining. 

Charisse adds that Sandi told her she couldn't have a destination wedding at her current weight.

"She wanted to get married on the beach," Sandi explains. "Beach dress requires slimming. We'll be on the beach, in our bikinis, hanging out, drinking and partying. So, no." 

[AD]"How are you going to feel when you start picking up a few wrinkles, and things start getting a little closer to the sidewalk?" Dr. Phil asks Sandi. "You're not going to look the same in 10 years as you do now."

"Well, I'm still going to be pretty, and I'm still going to be slim," she tells Dr. Phil. "I'm just going to be an older, pretty, slim woman."

"Do you think you're pretty good looking now?" Dr. Phil asks.

Sandi says she thinks she's pretty hot, but admits she has her flaws.