My Mom vs. My Man: Jessica and Seth

Tug-of War

Jessica and Seth have been together for three years, and during most of their relationship, Seth has been at odds with Jessica's mother, Irma.


"When it comes to my daughter, Jessica, I can be a royal bitch," Irma admits. "I'm very, very protective, and because of Seth's ups and downs, we continue to be concerned for Jessica and the boys."

"I would describe Irma as a very power-driven, controlling mother. If you go against Jessica's mother, it's like going against God," Seth says. 


During a period when Jessica and Seth were broken up, Jessica was staying at her parents' house. Seth showed up drunk one night and convinced Jessica to take him back. The next day when he arrived to pick her up, he says Irma went on the attack.


"Irma lunged at me, and it took her brother and Jessica to hold her back," Seth recalls. "I was holding my son, trying to put him in the car seat for us to leave, and while I was doing that, her mother was screaming profanities in Spanish. She was screaming, '[expletive]' just about every bad name you could think of."


"She was waving her arms around trying to hit him and grab him. She went after him with the intention of hurting him," Jessica says. "Her emotions were just off the charts."


"I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It really made my jaw drop," Seth shares.


"I'm not afraid to confront him, especially when he does disrespect me. I get so angry that I literally want to go over there and just slap him," Irma says.

Seth and Irma say their worst confrontation occurred the day Jessica gave birth to the couple's first son. 


"Before the delivery happened, Jessica and I decided, together as a family, that we wanted to be in the room together, just us," Seth recalls. "As Jessica was going into labor, her mom started yelling at me from across the bed, ‘You're such an [expletive]. You [expletive]. Who do you think you are?'"

"I don't really quite recall what I might have said to Seth," Irma says.

"I had my parents on my right side of me and Seth on the left side of me, and they were yelling at each other, and I was, like, in intense labor," Jessica remembers. "I was hyperventilating. They had to give me an oxygen mask. The baby's heartbeat was going up."

"The doctor was worried that there were going to be complications because of the stress, so at that point, they asked her mother to leave the room," Seth says.

"We felt like strangers out in the lobby, like we were just nobodies. We didn't even feel like grandparents at the time," Irma remembers, as she wipes away a tear. 


"I do feel like Jessica's mom ruined the birth of my first son," Seth reveals.


Since the delivery room incident, Seth and Irma have continued to battle. Recently, Seth threatened Irma that she would never see her grandsons again.

Dr. Phil is joined onstage by Jessica, Seth, Irma and Seth's mom, Laurie. As the tape ends, Irma says, "I see that, and the argument in the birthing room was when the doctor turned around and asked " because I was not in there arguing " the doctor asked, ‘Who is going to be in the delivery room?'"

"And Seth answered," Jessica says.

"That's when he said, ‘Just me and Jessica,'" Irma recalls, "which really surprised me because I really thought that they were going to let me do this."


"It's not your call," Dr. Phil tells her. "At that moment, what you need to do is make a 180-degree turn and leave the room. You don't run your own agenda while your daughter is having a baby. That is the ultimate of selfishness."

Addressing Jessica, Irma and Seth, Dr. Phil says, "I think you're all acting like a bunch of children."

To Irma, Dr. Phil says, "You've done a wonderful job raising this young woman, and nobody's saying that you haven't."

"And I will continue to. She is my daughter," Irma says.

"She's your grown daughter," Dr. Phil points out, "who now has her own family."


"I will always be part of my grandchildren's life also," Irma says. "For Seth to tell me that I will never see them, he's putting a lot of fire in there, too."

"That's something I may have said out of anger, and I know that I would never keep her from them," Seth interjects.

"Well, then don't say that," Dr. Phil says to Seth. "That is a cheap shot. It is emotional extortion to threaten your mother-in-law with your child." He adds that Irma and the children don't deserve that.

"I'm an outcast, and they just want to have the life with [Jessica and the kids]," Seth says.

Dr. Phil points out that Seth has not displayed ideal behavior while in the company of Jessica's family.