'My Son is a Sexual Predator'
Dr. Phil has advice for learning to bond with a child you don't like.

"Mikai is very out of control," says Mikai's middle brother. "I think Mikai is very sexually aggressive. Mikai goes from girl to girl to girl. He flirts with everybody — even our own cousins. When he was 16, he tried doing stuff with my friend that was 12 or 13." He also n

otes that Mikai has stolen money and clothes from him.


Mikai's 17-year-old brother says there is constant tension and fighting in the house, and it's usually caused by Mikai. "I've lost a lot of respect for Mikai because he's a constant liar and he doesn't know when to stop," he says. "Mikai is capable of touching my little sister in the wrong places."


Mikai's youngest brother, 13, adds his thoughts. "I think he touches girls in ways that he shouldn't be. It's embarrassing to have him around. The girls get creeped out by my brother," he says. "Mikai will hit on girls no matter what age — even if they're in my grade." He is tired of Mikai's behavior. "I want him out of the house. I hate him!"

Dr. Phil asks Mikai's oldest brother for his thoughts: "Do you believe him when he says, 'No. I haven't been inappropriate with younger girls, and I haven't done the things that I'm being accused



"I don't believe him," he says. "I can only believe him like 2 percent of the time."


The younger brothers share their thoughts. "I believe anyone but him," one says.


"My friends that are girls don't want to hang out with me anymore because they think that he'll come and try to make out with them or touch them inappropriately," says the youngest brother.

"So Mikai, everybody's just wrong?" Dr. Phil wants to know.


"A lot of things happened when I was like 15 and 16, and I would try to make out with a lot of girls," Mikai says. He explains that he was being molested during this time. "That sounds kind of dumb, I think, that I was molested when I was capable of stopping the person, but I couldn't tell anybody about it because they threatened to hurt my family if I told my parents ... I thought that

being inappropriate was what normal people did."


"Then is that what you've been doing?" Dr. Phil asks.


"No," Mikai says. "I'm still trying to figure out what's OK to do." Mikai gives insight into his sexual history: He says that 27 people molested him, starting at age 9 when he was molested by a friend's older sister. He says she tied him up and beat him with a belt and then made him touch her and then have sex with her, and this went on two to three times a week. He says he was molested again at age 16 by his friend's mom's boyfriend.


Dr. Phil brings up an incident when Mikai was in the woods with a 16-year-old girl. "She says that you groped her and tried to put your hand in her pants, and when she said no, you got mad and left her in the trees."


Mikai denies this happened.

Dr. Phil explains that Mikai's two youngest brothers made a New Year's resolution to hurt Mikai. He asks them why.


"So he wouldn't try hurting us. To make him afraid of us," one brother explains. "So he won't do anything to us or do anything to our family."


"Is this part of that effort? Are you telling lies about Mikai to hurt him?"


"No," he responds.


Dr. Phil asks Brad and Kenda if, after hearing what has been said, they think they are right to be concerned about Mikai.


"I believe we were right," Brad says.


"I still think that we're right," Kenda agrees.


"I think it's good that they're worried," Mikai says.


Dr. Phil notes that Brad and Kenda are also concerned about Mikai's relationship with his 4-year-old sister. Kenda explains that they have taken steps to insure her safety. "We implemented the two-brother rule. Nobody could watch [her] one on one."


When Mikai is questioned about his relationship with his sister, he says he is not touching her inappropriately.

"Do you feel that you need help?" Dr. Phil asks Mikai.


"Yes," Mikai replies.


"You have said that you are a chronic and compulsive liar," Dr. Phil notes and Mikai agrees. "You seem to have an excuse for everything." For example, Mikai says that he goes to porn sites as a cry for help and to get attention. "Why not just ask for it instead of doing these

desperate and perverse things?"


He says he didn't feel comfortable telling anyone he had been molested. "I was afraid that if I told them they'd take it the wrong way, and they'd think that I was the person in the wrong."


"Are you telling me the truth?"


"Yeah," Mikai says.


"Were you telling me the truth when you said that you're a pathological liar?"




"How do I know you're not lying to me now?"


"You don't, I guess. You have no reason to believe me," Mikai admits.

Dr. Phil offers Mikai the chance to prove that he is telling the truth by taking a polygraph test. Mikai agrees to take it. Brad and Kenda also want 19-year-old Mikai to take the test so they can finally know the truth. As the show goes to a commercial break and they prepare for the test, Kenda confronts Mikai. She reminds Mikai that she and Brad asked all the kids if they had ever been touched inappropriately, and Mikai said no. "We were behind you 100 percent. We were the ones that said we are here for you kids and we will do whatever it

takes to protect you," Kenda explains. "I don't understand why you feel like you had to be afraid, especially afraid of us."


When Brad tries to defend Mikai, saying that he is a victim instead of a perpetrator, Dr. Phil gets stern. "You need to be very careful to not be making excuses for this boy ... It's the victims that become the perpetrators. We need to stay focused and keep our courage here to look at this thing solidly. If you want to put a patch on this, you're in the wrong place. If he is a predator, if he is a molester, then I will bring every resource I have available to try and salvage this young man's life and save this young man from a life in jail. But I can't do that if we get close to that and you start backing up from it."


"I understand," Brad says.


Dr. Phil looks to Mikai and says: "You can save us all a lot of trouble. You may think you're going to beat that polygraph, but you're not."