Nanny Affair, 2: Aftershow

Nanny Affair, 2: Aftershow



After the show, the family reflects.


"I did have a light bulb moment when Dr. Phil told Heidi, 'This man is not an evil man. He is not the devil,'" Amy shares.

Heidi doesn't believe Brandon's emotions are real. "When I saw Brandon crying onstage, I wasn't surprised. It's another one of his manipulations. It's fake," she says. 


Mont adds, "Amy says that Brandon can turn on the tears at a moment's instant."


Brandon admits, "I'm not a crier at all." But he found hope in Dr. Phil's advice. "He told me that I'm capable of being who I want to be."

Amy has faith in Brandon's new attitude. "I'm willing to wait however long it takes for him to be that person. I'll wait," she says.