Nanny Affair, 2: Kids

Nanny Affair, 2: Kids

"Brandon is a horrible father. He's neglectful, checked out. He's playing video games," says Heidi.

"Brandon is very rough with the children. It's abuse, pure and simple ... He is more of a drill sergeant. 'Let's pull your hair to toughen you up.'"


Amy says that Brandon has been tough with her daughter. "He would hang Courtney off of the second-story balcony," she reveals.


Heidi says she's witnessed Brandon's stern discipline. "I've seen him making Courtney do 100 push-ups, hosing down Courtney in the backyard

on a cold day, when she's gotten in trouble," she shares. "I'm so beyond angry with Amy right now because of the choices that she's made in regard to Brandon. This woman is not able to look into her children's eyes and say, ‘Wow, you're paying the price more than I ever will.'"


"No parent is perfect," Brandon says. "I'm a good, involved father. I'm very loving." He admits he hasn't been the perfect parent. "I'm sure that I

have emotionally hurt the children not knowing what I'm doing at that particular time," he says. But he's trying to do his best. "I don't want to let my sons down. I don't want them, in 20 years, to sit there and say, ‘Oh, my dad's a jerk,'" he says. "My hope is for me and Amy to be good parents and role models for our children."


Amy hopes Dr. Phil's advice will help her make a decision about the future of her relationship with Brandon. "If Dr. Phil truly believes it is in the kids' best interest for us not to be together, then I will take his word, and I will choose to do that," she says.

"Are they wrong to be concerned?" Dr. Phil asks Brandon.

"Yes," he replies.

Dr. Phil points out that Heidi is making a strong statement by calling Brandon abusive. "Do you really mean that?" he asks her.

"I really mean that," she says. "He's got her mind so twisted up that she doesn't have the backbone to say, ‘Hey, you know what? You are not right for me. You're not right for the kids. You've got to go.'"

"I do disagree with that," Amy says. "I was like that before, though now, since we have been talking, he does not treat the kids like he used to."

"And he doesn't call me a whore?" Heidi asks Amy. "So that same person is not raising the kids?"

"It's hard to explain, because he is not acting how he acts at home, now," Amy says.

"Because he's manipulating you, Amy," Heidi pleads.

"I'm nice to Amy at home," Brandon interjects.

"Of course you are, because you want to get back into the household and for Mont and Cyndie to support you guys," Heidi says to Brandon. Facing Amy, she continues, "I am concerned about you because you don't stand up for yourself, and you take him back."

Dr. Phil asks Amy. "Are you concerned about his interaction with the children in the past?"


"Yes," she says.

Dr. Phil asks Brandon, "Were you inappropriate with the kids in the past? Were you too harsh? Did you do things you shouldn't do?"

"I did squirt [Courtney] with the water hose a couple of times, as something instead of spanking, or whipping, or anything like that," Brandon admits.

"While she's screaming," Heidi adds.

"Where were you when this was going on?" Dr. Phil asks Amy.

"At the time, I chose to believe what he told me, that he was in the Navy, and that this was a safe way to punish a child to get them wet. It doesn't hurt them," she explains.

"You were physically there and watched your husband take your daughter into the backyard, and spray her down with the hose," Dr. Phil clarifies.

"At the time, I was convinced that that was better than hitting her," Amy says.


"Those aren't your only two choices," Dr. Phil points out.

"I was in denial. I didn't know," Amy says.

"I have said to you so many times, ‘Open your eyes. Do you see what's happening? Do you see what's going on?'" Heidi says to Amy.

"I couldn't see it," Amy says. "My eyes are open now."

"Really?" Heidi asks. "And you're going to take him back?"

"No!" Amy shoots back.

Dr. Phil asks Brandon, "How old was your daughter at the time you were doing this?"

"She was 5," he says. "Do you guys not let your kids play in a kiddie pool in the backyard? The water temperature was no different."

"That's very different," Amy says.

"I didn't know any better," Brandon points out. "My dad would take me out and throw me in the river. I didn't know any better."


"Do you ever wonder what else you don't know any better?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I know that there are six billion people on this earth, and I used to do everything by myself because I thought my way was the right way, because I was selfish and immature," Brandon admits. "I know that [with] that many people on this earth, I can pull a little bit from everybody to be a better person."