Nanny Affair, 2: Parents

Nanny Affair, 2: Parents

"When I found out that Brandon and Amy were going to get a divorce, I was happy," admits Cyndie, Amy's mom. "

We were pretty surprised that Amy wanted to do the Dr. Phil show, because we thought that we were finished with the whole situation with Brandon."


Mont, Amy's father, says he isn't surprised that Brandon had an extra-marital relationship. "He's trying to portray himself as being very physically fit, very good looking," he says of Brandon. "I don't care how handsome he is, and I don't care how nice his hair looks. What I care about is how he treats his family."


Cyndie worries for her daughter's safety. "Brandon has a dark side. The word I'd probably use would be evil. It's a scary side," she reveals. "Amy claims he's always hated us. I'm still afraid of Brandon. I've had to go on anti-anxiety medications." Another concern for Cyndie is that Brandon owns several automatic weapons. "

He brought home a pellet gun. He did, for fun, shoot one of the nannies, and she had a big welt and a huge bruise on her leg. He thinks that's funny," she says.


Mont and Cyndie have been providing Amy financial support. "For two years, we've had constant calls from Amy: ‘I need more money. We need more money,'" Mont recalls.


Cyndie adds, "It has cost anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 a month, and the most expensive part has been the nannies." She is ready to put her foot down. "If Amy decides to go back to Brandon, we're going to have to cut her off financially," she says.


In Heidi's opinion, Brandon enjoys the monetary benefits provided by Mont and Cyndie. "Amy provides this kind of lifestyle that Brandon could not provide for himself. She pays for all of his things," she shares. "His livelihood depends on him being shifty and manipulative, so that he can weasel himself back in with Amy and her parents, so that he's living the high life again."

"What do you think about what her parents have to say?" Dr. Phil asks Brandon.

"It's kind of disturbing to me that her parents feel that I hate them, because I've never, ever hated them," he says.

Dr. Phil turns to Cyndie and Mont, sitting in the audience, and asks them why they fear for Amy's safety.

"I just think he's an explosion waiting to happen. I just don't think Amy should be with him," Cyndie says.

"Dad, are you concerned for your daughter's safety?" Dr. Phil asks Mont.

"Maybe not to the same extent that my wife is," Mont says. "I have never been adamantly opposed against Amy getting back with Brandon. Now that being said, I've seen nothing at all on this show " in the way that he's reacted to questions, or how he's
responded with your group " that leads me to believe that he in any way has changed."

Brandon responds, "Me having the pressure of being on the stage is hitting me pretty hard."

"Life is pressure," Mont points out. "If he can't handle pressure here in this relatively nice setting, what makes me believe that he is going to handle pressure at home? There is pressure everywhere in life."

Dr. Phil addresses Brandon. "As the old saying goes, ‘When you do the crime, you do the time.' Maybe this is the time where you stand up and deal with the reality, the pain, the hurt, the disruption, the fear, the problems that have spun out of behavior that you describe, yourself, as being selfish and [that you] didn't care what anybody thought, and

it was just all about you," he tells him.

Dr. Phil explains that one of Amy's therapists told her that Brandon's behavior is a pattern. "Whenever he gets in a bind, then " as is often described as consistent with sociopathic personalities " is they're not sorry for what they did; they're sorry they got caught, and they say anything and do anything in the moment to try to get back in your good graces," he says. Brandon told Amy that he found God, a typical statement made by someone in his position. "Anything that draws you back in." He asks Brandon if he has told Amy what she wanted to hear to inch his way back into her life.


"In the past, I have," Brandon admits. "What's not being clear here is that I did not contact her this time." He says that Amy contacted him. "I agreed to meet up with her."

"That's not true," Amy says.

Trying to squeeze the truth out, Dr. Phil asks the couple who initiated the contact.

"I wanted nothing to do with him at all," Amy says. "He contacted me through his father, through his biological mother, and for a good two months they begged me to just talk to him just to see how different he is. For two months I said, ‘You are crazy.'"

"Did you put them up to that?" Dr. Phil asks Brandon.

"No," Brandon says, acknowledging that he knew his parents were speaking with Amy.

"Have you ever said, ‘You let me back in here, or you're going to pay'?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I don't recall saying anything like that," Brandon replies.

"Do you recall that?" Dr. Phil asks Amy.

"Oh, yes," she says.

"When the cops were called on you for a violent episode, by her brother, did you tell her, ‘You can never get me. I'm going out drinking with these cops when they get off duty today'?" Dr. Phil asks Brandon.

"I don't recall that happening," Brandon says.