Nanny Affair, 2: Recap

Nanny Affair, 2: Recap

Dr. Phil details the shocking accusations made by other nannies. "There was a third nanny, well, actually, and a fourth and a fifth," he says to Brandon. "You supposedly told a third nanny that you wanted he

r to perform oral sex on you, and you said, 'Why go for the good looking ones, when bigger girls do it better?'"


With a laugh, Brandon says, "I can't even respond. That's not even true at all."


"Nanny number four said that you said to her, 'Come to the bedroom, and I'll make you feel good,'" Dr. Phil continues. "Nanny number five says that you cornered her in the pantry and said, 'No paycheck unless you perform oral sex on me, and I want to perform oral sex on you.'"


Again, laughing, Brandon says, "Those are all false ... I admit to having the first affair."


"Nanny three, fo

ur and five, do they know each other?" Dr. Phil asks.


"They would all know each other," Brandon says.


Amy interjects, "They did not know each other."


"It kind of seems odd when independent people come up with a real similar story," Dr. Phil points out.


"I do admit to the one, but five? Come on," Brandon says.


"You understand, a nanny agency " that's not, like, a dating service," Dr. Phil quips.

"What is it you know for sure that's happened so far in this marriage that causes you real concern?" Dr. Phil asks Amy.

"I know for sure he has had anger problems in the past. I know for sure he had an affair with one of our nannies. I know for sure that he has propositioned at least one nanny other than the nanny that he had the affair with," Amy says.

"How do you know that for sure?" Dr. Phil inquires.

"She told me, and I believe her," Amy says.

"He says that's not true. So, you don't believe him?" Dr. Phil asks.

"No," Amy says.

Dr. Phil explains that Brandon's point of view is that the second nanny had a crush on him and was jealous because of his affair with the first nanny. "Does that seem odd to you that a second nanny is telling lies to your wife because she's jealous of your involvement with another nanny?" Dr. Phil asks Brandon. "Isn't it odd that this second nanny feels so involved with you that she thinks she has the right to be jealous of your affair with
somebody else?"

"Maybe there was a day that I was upset with Amy or something, and I met up with her and talked to her or something like that. I vented. I don't know," Brandon says. 

"Were you flirting with her?" Dr. Phil probes.

"Yeah, and I told you, I used to have a really flirty mentality," Brandon admits.

"Did you flirt with the other three who have made those allegations?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I may have. I don't remember doing it," he says.

Dr. Phil turns to Heidi and says, "He's talking about, ‘I then used to be this way. I'm now this way.' What do you think?"

"Even today he's sitting here calling me names," Heidi says. "I'm not surprised. This is how it is." She concedes that she hasn't been around Brandon recently, though.

"You're around him now," Dr. Phil says. "He called you a whore."

"Did I look surprised?" Heidi asks.

"Actually, no," Dr. Phil says. "Are you seeing anything different in him?"

"No, I don't see any change, and that's what concerns me," Heidi says. "I cannot stand behind her decision to be with him." Turning to Amy, she adds, "I will not stand behind your decision to be with him."

"What do you want him to do?" Dr. Phil asks Heidi.

Facing Brandon, Heidi says, "I want you to stay away from Amy for a period of time, however long that takes for you to actually change, if that is indeed possible." She wants the three of them to learn how to be better participants in this relationship. "I'm not perfect, and my role in this situation can be better too," she admits. "I don't think the two of you need to be married."

"You don't think this is going to happen. You don't think he's changed?" Dr. Phil asks Heidi.

"No," Heidi says. "He called me a whore five minutes ago."

"How do you feel about that?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I feel upset, and distraught," she says.

Dr. Phil turns to Brandon and asks, "How do you feel about that? Is this something you said in anger, or are you still good with that?"

"I feel like I'm being ambushed on this show," Brandon reveals.

"Who's ambushing you?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I just feel like everything is being directed toward me," Brandon explains.

Dr. Phil faces Brandon and says, "Let's just be honest about this. You had an affair with your nanny, and if there are two people on the face of this earth who know that ain't the only

one, it's you and me." He explains that Brandon should realize that by coming on the show he is going to have to answer tough questions. "An ambush means, ‘Oh, gee, I thought we were going to a picnic, and now there seems to be somebody behind every rock with a rifle,'" he points out. "Being defensive about it isn't helping."

"I have not been defensive. I've taken accountability for everything I've done, until I get around Heidi, because I feel like these two collaborate," he says. He explains that Heidi and Amy speak badly about each other to him, but they never say anything bad to each other's face.

"Does that change the fact that you slept with your teenage nanny?" Dr. Phil presses.

"No, you keep bringing that up. What else do you want me to do? I've admitted to it," an agitated Brandon says. "Let's move on to something that's going to get me some help. All these statements are from two years ago."