Natalee Holloway: DP's Advice

Natalee Holloway: DP's Advice

Dr. Phil offers his to Beth, and to the nation, about how best to move forward with the investigation into the Natalee's disappearance. 

"What is needed at this point … is information. I mean there has to be some accountability. Somebody needs to assimilate the information that can lead to answers from the people that have them and hold them accountable in that way. And it seems to me the ridiculous inconsistencies and everything, that has to be continued to be brought to light, and I think you've got to have a dog in the fight. I just cannot imagine that the American government or the American people, if they get a full understanding of what's going on down here, are going to sit by and let this happen to an American citizen. 

"Somebody clearly victimized this young woman in some way. How bad, we don't know. We do know this, it does appear that she was in an altered state of consciousness. It does appear that she's been raped, that people have had carnal knowledge of her, given information that they couldn't have if they didn't. That alone is actionable even without knowing the other. And they're not responding to that. And that can't be OK with Americans. And I can tell you as one American to another, we need to say that."

Dr. Phil continues his observation. "We need to say, ‘That's not OK.' We need to tell these people, ‘We will never set foot on Aruban soil again until you stand up and do what you have to do for this young woman. You just have to understand that.' And if that means writing the State Department, if it means writing the President, if it means writing the Aruban government, they just need to know, ‘There's 270 million people over here that are

going to forget you people exist as a destination and see how that works for you. If you're not going to treat Americans with dignity and respect, then you're not going to treat them at all.'

"Now that's my attitude about it and I think when you start getting in their pockets in that way then they may just decide where their allegiance is lying and do this thing straight up. And I think we need to bring pressure to bear."