Natalee Holloway: Nadira

Natalee Holloway: Nadira

Natalee Holloway was last seen on May 30th with three young men,

Joran van der Sloot and two brothers, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe. Two of Dr. Phil's investigators, Harold Copus and John Weeks sat down for an exclusive interview with Deepak and Satish's mother, Nadira. She requested that her face not be revealed and after the interview made several attempts to keep what she'd said from being aired on Dr. Phil.

For the interview, Nadira sits face-to-face
with the two investigators.

"I want to bring you up to the night that Natalee Holloway disappeared," an investigator begins. "What time did you get home that night?"

"Twelve. After twelve," Nadira says.

"What time do you think they got in?"


"I assess that it was not four in the morning," she says. "It's, like,

before three or maybe three o'clock. How I know they were home? Because I leave my room door always open when they step out, so when they come they just close my door. And that's the sign that they are home." 

"Once Deepak and Satish got back, they had been arrested. They told you about not telling the truth about the Holiday Inn," the investigator probes.

Nadira responds, "Come on, we all lie. We all lie. As big people I know that I lie sometimes." 

"There's now pretty strong sexual assault charges being leveled against the boys," he says.

"No. They say that they didn't even touch her," she says. "I think that she had hard feelings for them also because they were black."

"What do you think happened to Natalee that night?" an investigator asks.

"It's really a mystery," Nadira says. "Maybe she gone away, or she run away with somebody else, or she still lives here, or she's kidnapped by another person."

"If you could meet with Natalee's mom, what would you say to her?"

"At this moment," says Nadira, "I don't want to meet with her. It's her daughter but it's my two sons too, you know? They are all our kids. I will always say and keep saying that my kids are innocent ... If she's dead then we have to find the body. It's thousands of questions that, you know, all of us are waiting for a solution. And I am begging the Lord, 'Let this girl come out alive.'" 

Dr. Phil turns to Natalee's mother, Beth, and asks what she has heard that she finds significant.

Beth says, "Something that surprises me is how she says, 'They lie. We all lie.' I can't imagine her just saying that on television. And then also she's destroying their alibi herself. She's saying that they were

not home at 3 am." 


Dr. Phil agrees. "I mean the whole position that they've taken and they've lied about this before they've said, ‘OK, it was 2:00 in the morning' that they were home everything was done. They had dropped her back at the hotel and gone. Then later they said, 'well, no that's not right. We dropped her with Joran at the beach.'" He turns to Jamie Skeeters. "Clearly, their

own mother could not confirm their lies and that's why she wanted this interview back after the fact she realized what she had done. Correct?"

"That's correct," Jamie confirms. "She's tried everything that she could do with advice on her attorney, Angelina and others trying to get the tapes back." 

"When you hear that," Dr. Phil asks Beth, "does it infuriate you?"


"You know they have put me through so much," she says, "the government and the authorities on that island. That I " It's hard for me to even react. I think they have hardened me so." She pauses, fighting back tears. "It's become different. Because you just have to. And even when things are glaring, they're not recognized."