Natalee Holloway: Polygraph Test

Natalee Holloway: Polygraph Test

Expert polygraph examiner Jamie Skeeters sat down for an exclusive interview with a witness who says he saw three boys bury Natalee's body in a dump. Rescuers searched the dump for three days but never found a body. Jamie gave the witness a polygraph to verify his story. The interview was conducted through a translator, because the witness doesn't speak English.

"This individual convinced investigators that he had witness Natalee being buried," Jamie says. 

He asks the translator, "Did he see an actual body or did he see something wrapped up that looked like a body?" 

"The body was in black plastic ..." the witness responds through the translator. "The part of the body that I saw was naked and purplish.

"What part of the body did you see?" Jamie asks. 

"The hair, the hair ..." he replies, making gestures to indicate long hairs coming off his head.

"Would he call it a blond?" asks Jamie. 

"No. A light brown," says the translator. "He said it looked like... a... coconut ... coconut strings."

"Did he see a face?"

"No, I only saw her hair." The witness gestures again.

Jamie explains, "The polygraph measures the fear in an individual when he is challenged to a specific issue. If that individual is less than truthful the heart will react when the body gets into what we call fight, flight or freeze mode. If someone's lying, it will make my polygraph look like we're cooking popcorn over the oven stove."

"I don't want him to hold his breath," Jamie tells the translator. "I want him to breath just like he is always. I'm going to ask him those questions here..."

Jamie says he gave the witness a polygraph on the question, "Are you lying to me when you said that you saw Natalee or any dead body being buried at the dump on that day."

"No. No," says the witness. 

Jamie reveals his conclusion: "We did the test four times with the

same results all four times. This particular testimony with this individual had a lot of red flags. We come to find out he's a cocaine addict and has been for 30 years. 

Jamie tells translator and witness, "What the polygraph shows is that you really did not see the body being buried on that day. It was a week later when he read in the paper and then he remembered." He continues, "This individual is not just deceptive, he's extremely deceptive. He's
lying. He's lying through his teeth.

Dr. Phil explains that the polygraphs Jamie administers take from three to five hours. "They are extremely scientific," he says. He then asks Beth how she felt when she found out the witness was lying.

She says, "It was a huge relief to me to find out that he was lying because ... I think of all the resources and energy that we were about to put into the dump and some of the things that had already occurred from that. I mean, the people that had been in it were becoming ill, and so I looked at it as it was just huge information to uncover that he was lying and that we were wasting all
that effort into this landfill. 

"Do you hold out hope against hope that Natalee will be found alive?" he asks her.  

"There have been so many things that
had happened over this investigation," she replies. "I don't even go there anymore. I just don't even " I don't even try to even go whether she will be alive or not, Dr. Phil, I think I'm just so wanting an answer " that's all I can think about is … I just have to know where she is."