Siblings Speak Out

The Dr. Phil show contacted Josh behind bars, but the jail's policy doesn't allow on-camera interviews, so his sister, Sharon, and brother, Jared, speak in his place.


"In Josh's teen years he started just getting in trouble," says Sharon. She and Josh were close growing up, and she sees him as a role model. "Our parents went through a divorce, and Josh became kind of distant. We grew up in poverty, like, dirt poor, I mean, like, robbing grocery stores to eat, and he wanted to get out of that. Josh does have a love for money. I think his love for money is what led him up to the counterfeiting."

"When Josh got busted for counterfeiting in Park City, it scared me," says Jared, Josh's younger brother by eight years. "I knew he was up to something, and I knew it was no good. I was sad when Josh went to prison the first time, and I was, like, 13, and it was a part in my life where I kind of needed a role model." Jared says he has always looked up to Josh.

Sharon describes Josh after his release from prison as being focused and wanting to do better. "I was just hoping that he was going to put his life together," she says. "When Josh met Kylee he was really excited. I almost want to say it was love at first sight for those two. They were the perfect couple in the beginning. I think it was, like, around the time of the wedding that they started getting really involved drugs."

"I didn't know it was the heavy drugs changing him," says Jared, "but I noticed a big change."

"When he gets on the drugs, he thinks he's invincible, and he'll go to any length to get the money," Sharon explains. "I had no idea that Josh and Kylee had robbed any banks until the night of the third robbery. My brother, Doug, called me and said, 'Josh robbed a bank, and he's on the run, and he might come try to take your car if he knows you're home.' About two minutes later, SWAT came to my house looking for him. Doug told me that they had Kylee. I was just in shock. Josh was on the run for a night and a day. When he got arrested, I was glad. If Josh has all this money, and he's high on heroin, and meth and cocaine, what is he going to do next?"

"I saw a mug shot of my brother," says Jared. "I saw a picture of a man in a ski mask with a gun. I was totally shocked. I failed an entire term of school after that. It was really hard on me."

"Good people do bad things, especially when they're driven by drugs," Sharon reflects. "I do not believe Kylee when she says she had no clue about the first two robberies. I think she knew. In fact, I know she knew. How does her soon-to-be husband take her to Vegas and California if he can't hold a job?"

Jared agrees. "You're going to know that when he's not going to work, he's pulling in the money some other way, that he's buying the heroin. Heroin's not exactly cheap. Drugs aren't cheap."

Sharon takes her skepticism one step further. "I think it could have been Kylee's idea on the third one," she says. "I think she probably got drug hungry, money hungry, and I think she did have a choice, and I think she played a very big role in it."

"If she was afraid, she could have run," Jared concludes. "She had the getaway car. She had half of the operation in her hands."

Sharon describes her relationship with Josh since he's been in jail. "I see Josh about every two weeks," she says. "I always take my son up there to visit him. I want my son to know that Josh is a good person, and maybe to learn from his mistakes," she says. "Josh is very remorseful that he robbed the bank. He knows that he needs to do time for what he's done. Right now, it's about 20 years before I get to touch him again."

Jared, on the other hand, hasn't seen Josh in seven months. "It's very hard not to see Josh because he's still kind of an idol to me. I still look up to him very much," he says. "It's too much to comprehend, almost. I'm 17 years old. It really just breaks my heart to know I don't have any chance to embrace my brother for 10 years. As a family, we know Josh has gone against the grain of society. He's done something that deserves punishment. I know he's hurt people emotionally. No one likes getting a gun pointed at their head, but at the same time, I'd like to see him as soon as I can."