Newlywed Bank Robbers: Kylee's Sentencing

Kylee's Sentencing
Cindy stands in her kitchen on August 1, making final preparations before departing for the courthouse. "I do believe it's time to get going," she says. "Today is the day we've all been dreading. It's hard. It's hard knowing that our daughter's life is in somebody else's hands. It's been very stressful the past few days. There's been a lot of tension. We sat together Sunday as a family and let everybody talk about what's going on. One of the things that my son said " he's 15 " is, 'I feel like if she goes to prison I'll be losing my best friend.'"

Brett explains, "The judge will see the report from the Lawlis-Peavey Center, and we're hoping that we can convince the judge to bring it down to a level that she can get probation. We have prepared for the worst-case scenario. We realize that the likelihood of her going to prison is very high."

Kylee goes to court and is awarded a 15-month sentence, part to be served in prison, part in a half-way house. The mood among her family members is markedly different once the court proceeding is behind them.

"The judge was amazingly fair with Kylee," says Cindy.

"This has been a long road," says Brett. "This six months has just totally emotionally, and even physically it's exhausted us. Dr. Phil has been able to help us so much so far because of that report and testing done at the PNP Center, I think really influenced the judge to bring Kylee's sentencing way down. He knocked three years off of the sentence that was recommended."

Kylee says, "It was hard when he said there was no consideration for probation, but when he said 15 months, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be."

Cindy describes how she feels about Kylee reporting to prison, which she'll do on August 31 at 1:00 p.m. "I feel OK about that," she says. "As hard as it will be to take her, she needs to learn as an adult when you make those choices the consequences follow."

"We're just going to miss her," says Brett. "We love her a lot. She brings a lot of light into our home. It's going to be hard seeing her go."