No Child Forgotten: Senators

Senators Speak Up
On the show "No Child Forgotten," Senators Chuck Grassley and Mary Landrieu share how they're working hard to help empower children trapped in the foster care system. After the show, the senators reflect on their experience, and the work that remains to be done.
Sen. Chuck Grassley said: "The Dr. Phil show was a wonderful opportunity for Senator Landrieu and me to highlight the ‘Call to Action.' That document specifies improvements needed in the child welfare system. Dr. Phil also gave a platform for foster youth to share their stories with a national audience. I really appreciate the positive difference that Dr. Phil's program can make. It's helping raise awareness and can facilitate important actions to help young people in foster care." 
"The U.S. foster care system is broken in many places, and it must be fixed," said Sen. Landrieu. "State and federal governments combined are spending in excess of $25 billion on the foster care system each year, but the results are not something we can be proud of. Recruiting loving and skilled foster parents, requiring funding streams to follow the child, securing a mentor for every young person aging out of the system, and strengthening programs, like CASA, are just a few important steps Congress is focused on.

[AD]"There has always been a lack of awareness about the challenges that plague the hundreds of thousands of children and youth in care," Landrieu said, "This episode provides a forum not only for youth to give voice to their experiences in care and to identify ways to improve the child welfare system, but also gives viewers the opportunity to be a part of the change. "

Click here to find your representative, and then send this letter to urge them to join the Foster Youth Caucus and make child welfare reform a priority. You can also contact your senator by clicking here.