O, The Oprah Magazine: Sexual Confidence: What You Didn't See

DrPhil.com Exclusive
Dr. Phil and O, The Oprah Magazine team up to explore the nature of sexual confidence and how to put a little strut in your stuff!
Dr. Phil returns to the stage after the show to speak with the audience and his guests.

He asks his first guest, Beverly, if there's anything she's taking away from being a part of this show.

"I would rather wait on a man that doesn't have a double standard about women and sexuality, than settle for one that I have to change my pattern for. Period," she says.

Dr. Phil clarifies his advice to her: "What I'm saying is, within the continuum of who you are, there is a range in there, and part of relationship building is being sensitive to your partner and meeting them where they are, instead of demanding they be where you are. It doesn't mean that you're not being who you are, it just means you have a dial. You can dial up, you can dial down. There's still a range of who you are, but you can be sensitive to your partner so that confidence is not intimidation."

Dr. Phil turns to Lori: "You don't want to be so hard on yourself that you focus on the negative to the exclusion of the positive, because they really do take over your self-perception."

"I've always known a little bit that I've had self-esteem issues. I have to work on that, but I know I've come a long way and being here today, I can't tell you what I've overcome," says Lori.

"And you really have to be proud of getting yourself back in shape health-wise and otherwise, 145 pounds, wow," Dr. Phil tells her. "I mean, that's a big accomplishment because you've done that post pregnancy, and it's been a lifelong thing for you."

"Between juggling three of them under 3 years old, yeah. It's been a challenge, but it's been one of the best things I've ever done. And I have you and the weight loss participants to thank for that because you guys were my only support circle as far as somebody else doing what I was doing," says Lori, getting emotional.

"Well, that's why we did it. And I'm just amazed that you've achieved what you have. That's a big, big deal," Dr. Phil tells her. "I would love for you to hear the compliments that your loving husband gives you without a 'Yeah, but ...' at the end of it."