Obsessions: Vivica

Glam God

Vivica is ready to confess to Dr. Phil that she has one more obsession. "Shoes," she says, looking down at her sparkly heels.

"How many pairs of shoes do you have?" Dr. Phil asks.

"About 500 to "" the audience gasps and she responds, "but I give some away when they get played out."

"Now that was half a sentence. You said about 500 to …"

"Well, if you include the boots, probably about 650," she says.

"Six hundred and fifty pairs of shoes?" Dr. Phil asks in amazement.

"I have three closets, and they're all full of shoes," Vivica says. She tells the shocked audience, "But you guys, I have to go to a lot of events, and sometimes I supply my wardrobe for my movies and television shows, and sometimes you can't wear the same thing twice."

"Of course not." Dr. Phil turns to Robin. "You have a lot of shoes, but you don't have 650 pairs of shoes, do you?"

"No, I don't. I do love shoes, and I wish I had that many," Robin says.

"You wish you had that many?"

"I wish I had the room for that many," she says.

"What is the deal with this?" Dr. Phil asks. "Because with guys, you want some black shoes, you want some brown shoes, you want some tennis shoes, and then you're done. And I've got some golf shoes."

"But shoes can start a whole conversation," Vivica says. "It can be like an icebreaker. You can be sitting somewhere, and you walk in with a good pair of shoes on and, ‘Oh, baby, where did you get those shoes at?' Next thing you know, you and her are best friends."

"I've never had anybody come up to me and say, ‘Hey, Doc, where did you get them shoes?'" Dr. Phil laughs.

"But I do notice Robin's shoes because I pay attention and I learned," Dr. Phil says proudly. 

"Oh, and she's got some fabulous ones on today," Vivica says. "Oh, I love those. Those are beautiful."

"Thank you," Robin says.

"You can tell something about those shoes from here?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Are those Alexander McQueen?" Vivica asks Robin.

"No, they're YSL," she says.

"YSL. Right. Good."

"And you know what that means?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Yves Saint Laurent," Vivica explains.

"Oh, so that's code," he says. Dr. Phil tells his audience, "Y'all tell me if this is a lie here," and turns to Vivica, "but how much does a pair of flashy women's shoes cost?"

"These were $1,300," Vivica says about her shoes. "Those were $700," she says about Robin's pair.

Dr. Phil's mouth drops open.

"Oooh…." Robin groans and slinks out of her seat and toward the exit.

"Oh, you didn't know?" Vivica asks Dr. Phil. "Robin, I'm sorry!"


Robin returns, laughing, looking a little guilty.

"I'll tell you what, though "" Vivica starts.


Dr. Phil interrupts her. "Hold on. Hold on! You ain't telling me nothing! You're telling me you paid $1,300 for those shoes?" he asks. "You ain't got a brain in your head!"

"Oh, yes I do. You know how much brain I've got in my head? I've got two pairs. I've got a pink one too!" she says.

"People pay that much for shoes? Do you pay that much for shoes?" Dr. Phil asks Robin, who turns to look behind her, pretending the question is for someone else.

"I'm talking to you!"

"Me? No," Robin says.

Dr. Phil asks Vivica, "So what do you not have that you want?"

"Oh, probably children. That will be next," she says.

"Well, you need a man for that. So, are you in the market?"


"I'm not making an offer; I'm just curious," Dr. Phil quips.

"Of course, I'd love to have a husband, but I'd be up for adopting a baby," Vivica says. "I believe there are a lot of children out there who need love who are in the foster care system. You know, I'd make a good mom. I make a great Auntie. I take them and buy them the best shoes!"

"I bet!" Dr. Phil says. "Is there anything left that you haven't done?"

Vivica says she thinks she'd like to direct in the future, but for now, she's happy being on both sides of the camera for her new show, Glam God. "I'm just glad I'm still here," she says.

Glam God on VH1 is searching for the next great celebrity stylist. The contestants compete for $100,000, the title of Glam God and a styling agent.