Obsessive Love, Part 2: End

Obsessive Love, Part 2: End

Dr. Phil addresses Jennifer. "You've been watching my conversation with Jeffrey, and what is your reaction to what you've been watching?" he asks.

"I'm not quite sure what to think about it, because I've tried to get him to go and do things, to get help, so many times, and he wouldn't get the help, and he wouldn't change," she says.

"I told him backstage I don't speak for you. I'm not going to treat you like he does and make commitments for you
. But I said I was going to ask you if you would just take a step back and stand down, not do anything, and let me put him in Creative Care out here in Los Angeles," Dr. Phil says. "When I looked at Jeff in those tape pieces, I found his behavior disgusting. I did not find him disgusting." 

"He's not," Jennifer says through tears. 

"I don't see an evil guy when I look at
you. You do evil things," Dr. Phil tells Jeffrey.

"I don't even see an evil guy when I look at him, but he does the most hurtful, rotten things. So it's hard for me to see the nice," Jennifer says.

"I'm asking you, will you just take a step back? Don't file for divorce right now, don't do any of those things, and let me put him in this program out here," Dr. Phil says to Jennifer.
To Jeffrey Dr. Phil says, "You choose to blow that off, then I've got a sneaking suspicion you're blowing your marriage off with it."

"Absolutely," Jennifer says.

Dr. Phil continues to Jeffrey. "I have said to her, in your absence, that I will help her to do what she needs to do to be healthy and happy for herself and those children," he tells Jeffrey. He asks

him if he wants to say anything to Jennifer.


"I'm sorry, truly, about everything, but the only thing I'm not sorry about right now is the decision to call the show and to come," he says, tears streaming down his face. "I know that you can be the absolute best person in the world, and I don't want to lose you. So, I'm willing to do whatever it takes."


Jennifer reaches over and places her hand on Jeffrey's arm.


The Dr. Phil show continues to monitor Jennifer and Jeffrey's situation. Tune in May 10, 2007 and May 11, 2007 for an update.