Obsessive Love, Part 2: The Kids

Obsessive Love, Part 2: The Kids

Dr. Phil asks Jeffrey, "Is there any boundary that you won't cross in your efforts to control her and reassure yourself?"


"I would never raise a hand to her or harm her in any way," Jeffrey says.


Dr. Phil takes Jeffrey to task. "That was a compound sentence," he says. "You maybe have not raised a hand to her, but do you honestly think that you have not harmed her?"


"I would never harm her physically," Jeffrey clarifies. "Yes, I have harmed her emotionally, mentally, sexually " everything."


"She said, 'I almost wish he would just punch me out and be done with it, because this just keeps on hurting, and at least that would be over quickly,'" Dr. Phil tells Jeffrey.


Jennifer explains. "At least it would be done. I'm not saying that it would be right. I'm not saying that to belittle any woman who has been beaten, but at least they get punched, and then it's done. This is 24/7," she says. "I walk on eggshells because I don't know what he's going to do, and it doesn't just affect me. It affects my kids. It affects my mother, my friends, my coworkers. It affects everyone in my life, and so every decision that I make affects numerous people around me."

On video, Jennifer and Jeffrey share how their three children " ages 10, 7 and 3 " have ended up in the middle of their fighting.


"My and Jennifer's oldest son is 10 years old. He has walked up behind me and seen that I had a GPS tracking of the car," Jeffrey



Jennifer recalls a situation their son described to her about Jeffrey's snooping. "He said, 'I just wanted to tell you that Dad goes to this Web site every time when you leave, and he can listen in to your car. I saw Daddy doing that, and I could hear you, and I asked him what he wa

s doing, and he told me that you were doing bad things, and that he needed to figure out what they are so that he could fix them,'" she says. "I fear all the time that [our son is] going to pick this stuff up. I worry that he'll see that I'm being weak, and I don't want my girls to think that they have to put up with something like this."

Jeffrey says he always tries to portray to their children that he and Jennifer are happy. "They know that Mommy and Daddy are having trouble, and
they want the troubles to be over," he says. "I want my family together. I don't want them to leave me."


Jennifer explains why she hasn't taken a stronger stance with Jeffrey. "I don't have him removed because I don't want my kids to see him hauled out in handcuffs," she says. "Through all this, I've just tried to be the nice person, the person who's going to remain calm and nice no matter what he does, so that my kids see that."

"What is your worst nightmare here?" Dr. Phil asks Jeffrey.


"That I would wake up one day away from my family, in a little, an apartment or whatever," Jeffrey says. "That I wouldn't be there to wake up and get breakfast with the kids and spend the day with my family."


"But are you so self-indulgent that you think she's going to continue to put up with this?" Dr. Phil asks.


"I want us to go on forever, but I think she's at her wits' end," Jeffrey replies.


"You understand that any human being with any spine, any self-respect, any self-esteem, and self-worth and value is not going to live as a prisoner in t

heir own home and their own marriage," Dr. Phil says. To Jennifer he asks, "Is there not a woman inside you who is screaming to say, 'What are you doing? Be your own best friend, Jennifer.'"


Dr. Phil addresses Jeffrey. "You are so freakish about her being with some other man or getting involved, you're just totally consumed with that threat, right?" he asks. 

"I'm 100 percent obsessed with the fact that she is going to leave me," Jeffrey admits.

"But have you not tried to get her to have sex with one of your friends?" Dr. Phil asks.  

"We've discussed those things," Jeffrey says.

Dr. Phil asks Jennifer, "Did you wake up with this guy sitting next to you? With both of them sitting on either side of you?"

"Yeah," she says. 

"And he was trying to get this friend to do what?" Dr. Phil asks. 

"Stick his hand down my pants or something. Trying to get me to get into it," Jennifer says.


Jeffrey explains that he and Jennifer were sleeping, when their drunk friend came in the room to ask for Jennifer's car keys.

"Are you honestly, honestly going to try to justify this?" Dr. Phil asks.  

"I'm not justifying it at all," Jeffrey maintains. "I woke up with this person in our room, and she woke up seconds after me." Their daughter was also in the room with them. "I wouldn't let anything happen with our child in the bed, me lying there, Jennifer lying there, and he walked in the room. He was asking for the keys to her car so that he could go to a bar." 

"Doesn't this just seem a little out of kilter to you?" Dr. Phil asks. "Does that just seem incredibly inconsistent to you?"

"Everything that I do, at the end of the day, is very inconsistent all along the way," he says.