Obsessive Love: Secrets - After the last show

After the last show, Jeffrey rushed off the stage. "I had to puke so badly that I just needed to run to the bathroom," he says. "I've got a million things running through my mind. There are just loose ends. I can't stand when there are loose ends. It's very overwhelming."


Jennifer says that she's relieved Jeffrey is not going home and is seeking help at Creative Care. "He's the father of my children. I want him to get better so

that my kids don't see him like this," she says. "My hope is that I can finally just be happy for a while."


Jeffrey wants to see Jennifer. "I'd love to have just five minutes to talk to her," he says. "I don't want her to hurt. I respect Dr. Phil's opinion. If it's best for me, and Jennifer and the kids, then great. I will give it my best shot."


In the car on his way to treatment Jeffrey says, "In my wildest dreams, I never thought that I would be in a car headed away from

Jennifer. I was expecting the show to go, 'Yeah, Jeffrey, you've done a lot of wrong things. Jennifer, you've done a lot of wrong things. Two wrongs don't make a right. Kiss and makeup, and go home, and be happy.'"


As she heads to the airport, Jennifer questions Jeffrey's motives for going to treatment. "I'm just worried he's just doing it because he thinks that that's what everybody wants him to do," she shares. "I would say that if Jeffrey doesn't honor his commitment to get help, I'm going to have to have him

removed from our house."


Jeffrey struggles to maintain his composure. "I have a hundred things running through my head. I want to call Jen. 'Help me. Take me home with you. Kiss me. Make it all better. It was all just a bad dream, and it's all better now, and we're all going to be fine,'" he says. "I'm addicted to Jennifer. I'm addicted to the obsession of a happy family. I'll do whatever it takes, as long as the end result is getting to stay married."

After Jennifer returns home, private investigators John Weeks and Frank Copus closely look through her house to locate any hidden recording devices.


"What I would like to do is be able to conduct a physical

sweep where we can verify that there are no recording devices, that there are no wireless transmitters, there are no cameras," John says. As he looks around the house, he spots a wireless transmitter. "That light has been disabled so no one would ever k
now this thing is on. It was strategically located on a bookshelf high enough that would cover the bed," he explains.


Down in the basement, John and Frank find two-way radios, electronics and numerous cameras.