Obsessive Love: Secrets - Life on her own

After two-and-a-half weeks without Jeffrey, Jennifer shares her

feelings about life on her own.

"I think there was a huge light bulb moment during the taping when Dr. Phil had Jeffrey exit the stage, and he said that this is abuse. Then he told me to look at myself in the monitor, and he said, 'Don't you think you deserve better?' And the audience going, 'Yeah.' You know, like, 'What are you sticking around for?'" she says. "I'm doing great now that Jeffrey isn't here. I feel more comfortable in my own home. I can check my e-mail without somebody peering over my shoulder. I can call my mom without worrying if he's going to hear it. Even the kids and I, our relationship is better. I'm a lot stronger than I thought I was."


Jennifer explains that Jeffrey is having trouble not knowing what she is doing at all times. "It's freaking him out. He's checked my e-mail. He's been checking the messages on the phone to see who's called. That, right there, showed me that he wasn't giving it his best effort to change," she says.

"He's only in there because he thought that if he didn't, Dr. Phil was paying for my divorce. He often tells me that divorce is not an option, even since he's been in there."


In a letter to Jennifer, Jeffrey writes, Jen, I'm working hard in group meetings to better myself. I can't believe what a strong person you are. I hope you can share your strength with me to get us to a better place, and in turn, I will be a stronger, more caring person who will stand with you. I apologize for what I've done. "It bothers me when I get a letter from him, and he talks about us being together. It's almost like he'll be better contingent on me being here. I'm over it," Jennifer says.


Jennifer has made up her mind about the future of her relationship. "I am definitely going through with a separation and divorce. He's really irrational. I don't want to have to have him arrested, but if I have to, I will. It's been eight years of this, and I'm done," she says.

Jeffrey's achievements at Creative Care were not all positive. After he failed to comply with their demands, the staff was ready to kick him out of the facility. When Jennifer hears the surprising news that Jeffrey may be headed home, she records her thoughts in a video diary.


"Everyone around me is telling me to go, that I'm going to be the next Nicole Brown Simpson, and I don't know what to do," she says, crying. "He will not let me go. He's straight-up told people that he's not going to let me go. He's going to mess with me, and he's going do nasty things. I just know it."


Jennifer decides to take the $200 she has and go to her mother's in Iowa. "Even his sister, when I called her to tell her, she said, 'If you leave your car there, he's going to do something to it.' He will. He'll do something terrible. I know it. He's going to be pissed as hell when he gets here, I'm sure," she continues. "You don't understand," she says, shaking her head and crying. "He'll do anything he can to hurt me."

Jennifer meets with attorney Glenn Lewis, founder and chairman of the Lewis Law Firm, to learn her rights. "I want to start legal separation from Jeffrey, and I would say that that will probably, ultimately lead to divorce," she reveals.

"We can go to a judge next week and get an order about children and money and everything else. You and I are going to file papers, and we're going to ask the judge to protect you and your children and

keep that guy away from you," Glenn explains to her. "There's no document that says, 'I'm legally separated.' You're separated when you stop living together, and that's what we need to do. We need to get him away from you. If he's staying in your home, he can keep shutting your stuff off. He needs to be stopped by the law."


Glenn tells Jennifer that she shouldn't focus on giving up her home because she can't afford it. "You have a right to equitable distribution. That means dividing assets, property," he says. "You told me that you don't own anything. I'm happy to tell you you're wrong. Your family has a business, and you're going to get an interest in the value of that. It's called equitable distribution of property."


Glenn informs Jennifer that until there is a court order, Jeffrey can take the kids and go anywhere. "We're going to prepare papers, and we're going to sign them and serve your husband with them," he says. "You've got to shut him down.

You can't take his calls. You direct everything through your lawyer. He has no right to communicate with you. He has a right to have a relationship with his children, and we're going to work that out with him."


"Sounds great," Jennifer says.

"We're going to ask for a divorce, and you're committed to that, right?" Glenn asks.

"Yeah," Jennifer says.