Obsessive Love: Secrets - NEW

"In that time that Jeffrey's been gone, has he left you alone?" Dr. Phil asks Jennifer.

"No," she says. "He calls twice a day, sometimes up to 15 times a day." She mentions that Jeffrey checked her e-mail within three days of being at Creative Care, and he has c

alled Jennifer's mother and friends to bad-mouth her. "He called my mom and told her I was nothing but a good-for-nothing piece of crap, again, and that I got him locked up so I could run wild," Jennifer says, fighting back tears. "I haven't left my house." 


"Do you want out of this marriage?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Yes, sir, I do," Jennifer replies.


Dr. Phil asks Jennifer, "Are you concerned about your physical safety and the physical safety of your children?"

"Very much so," Jennifer says.

Dr. Phil asks attorney Glenn Lewis, "What can be done to protect her and her children from physical harm, if Jeffrey has a bad reaction to this information when he gets it?"

"We're ready to go to court and ask a judge for immediate relief, if necessary emergency relief, to get ahead of him even if by a few hours. If he's returning, we'd get to the courthouse, get papers signed and get him served with them," Glenn explains. "The important thing is to put him on notice that the law's watching him. We have to ask the court to shut him down."

"Are you prepared to do that?" Dr. Phil asks Jennifer.

"Yeah, more than ever," she says.

Dr. Phil introduces Dr. Khaleghi, director of Creative Care, the facility where Jeffrey is receiving inpatient treatment, and asks him, "Is he a danger to Jennifer, in your opinion?"

"He can be," he says. "I think given the right circumstance, he could ... take stupid action to harm her and her family. He certainly needs further treatment."

Referring to Jennifer and Jeffrey, Dr. Phil asks, "You don't feel that these two should see each other today, correct?"

"Not with the news that Jennifer has for him. Definitely not," Dr. Khaleghi says.


"I'm not going to ask you to be with Jeffrey and misrepresent where you are," Dr. Phil tells Jenn

ifer. "It's their decision that this isn't a good time and place for [Jeffrey] to hear that, then that's fine. I have to respect that." He explains that that's why Jennifer and Jeffrey will not be allowed to see each other during or after the taping. "[Jeffrey's] likely to be upset with that. He's likely to quit the treatment program when he finds out that he hasn't manipulated this situation to get to see you, and he may be headed home," Dr. Phil says. "In my opinion, he is a danger, and I think you have to treat it that way."

Glenn agrees to arrange security and protection for Jennifer when she gets home, if Jeffrey flees treatment.