Hiding the Truth?

Gloria Allred, attorney for Angels in Waiting USA , joins the conversation. "One of the reasons that we care about transparency is so that not only can we tell Child Protective Services, which must be done for the protection of these little, innocent, precious babies, but in addition, so the public knows," she says. "The fact is that bringing in Kaiser means that, yes, some of them are mandated reporters, and we hope that they will report to Child Protective Services, but the public now is shutdown, is shutout. That is what Jeff [Czech, Nadya Suleman's attorney] and Nadya want, for the public only to hear their side, which is going to be, ‘Aw, how wonderful everything is,' and not to know the truth about what's really going on inside the house, whether or not these babies are in danger, and that is wrong."


Gloria adds that Kaiser will most likely be funded by Medi-Cal, which is essentially funded by taxpayers. "The whole point of Angels in Waiting USA, besides providing such high-quality care from these wonderful pediatric nurses and educational consultants, was not to put the burden on the taxpayer, but this is what Nadya and Jeff are doing; shut everybody up, put the burden on the taxpayer. That's wrong, and I want to know what they're hiding and why."

[AD]Jeff responds. "It is certainly not my intention, I know it's not Nadya's intention, to hide from the public," he says. "Nadya wants her own life. I think any mother who has 50 kids doesn't necessarily want to be public with the private issues in her life."

"She's public every day, Jeff," Gloria interjects. "That's why the paparazzi were there the first night. She went on the media and announced that the babies were coming home."

"It was pretty calm until you showed up with your briefcase in hand, held a press conference and then refused to leave the premises," Jeff retorts.

Jeff addresses the transparency issue Gloria mentioned. "I have repeatedly asked Gloria for an accounting. Nadya needs to plan," he explains. "I didn't get that transparency."

"You got numerous e-mails, Jeff," Gloria says, holding up a stack of papers, "saying, ‘Jeff, can we have a meeting with the nurses, and Nadya, and Dr. Phil, and you and me?'"

"I'm very busy. It's hard to have a meeting every five minutes," Jeff says.

[AD]"We asked for one meeting. We had to discuss the catastrophe that occurred Tuesday night, because you and Nadya failed to plan and provide adequate security, and because you dared to tell the media when the babies were coming home. If it had been done quietly, these babies would not have been placed at risk," Gloria counters. "And as to the accounting, as Dr. Phil knows from all of these e-mails, we said we'd be very happy to tell you about the funds. Let's have a meeting, either in person or have a conference call on the phone. You refused to do either for almost a week." She wants to know why Jeff resisted the conversation.

Dr. Phil addresses Gloria. "Are you being too strident in this situation?" he asks. "It seems like there's constant criticism, and I wonder if she did feel threatened by this Angels in Waiting USA contingent? And she felt like, ‘I'm being constantly judged, and they're not helping me if they see a problem; they're reporting me. They're not assisting, and it seems to be adversarial.'" Turning to Jeff, he asks, "You say that this may fall back to Medi-Cal, or [Nadya] is on Medi-Cal right now, true?"

"If Medi-Cal took care of the initial birth, etc., then what's going on now is probably a continuation of that. I've not verified that with Nadya," he says. "But let me stress, Nadya doesn't want this anymore. She wants to be on her own."

[AD]"Here's what gets people upset," Dr. Phil says. "I am told that while all of this is going on, and she's trying to situate the kids, and get the nursery right, and get people flowing and all of that sort of thing, she's taking money and installing a big hot tub in the master suite at this house. When people hear that " if it's true, and I don't know if it's true. If it's not, tell me it's not " people wonder why would we be A) making donations, and B) letting this fall on taxpayers, when here's somebody who's doing that kind of thing of thing. Is that true or false?"

Jeff explains that the plumbing is bad, and the bathtub leaks into the kitchen. "She had to replace the tub," he says. "Nadya's using her own sources. She has made some money. She has to. She's in a situation where she's never going to be looked at very favorably." 


Jackie joins the conversation, and brings up the night the first babies came home. "When Gloria came, and I was asked by one of the people from the media, ‘Why is Gloria here? Please ask her to leave,' I said, ‘I don't understand the confusion. I really don't,'" she says. "Gloria came, said, ‘I don't want a press conference. I don't want my face on the media.' She sat down at the kitchen table … This was a happy day for the union, for all of us coming together and bringing the babies home. It was quiet. Gloria was sitting there at the kitchen table, no conference, nothing going on."


Dr. Phil asks Jeff, "Did you want Gloria out of there that night, and did you get in her face and attack her, yelling and pointing your finger in her face to get her out?"

[AD]Jeff recalls the night's events. "Nadya and I were locked up with the Kaiser people for, I don't how long, four or five hours, and during this time, apparently the ruckus was building at Nadya's home, and we did not even know," he says. "Information was filtering in to me that there were a lot of unnecessary people at that house, and so I started asking my staffers to politely ask all unnecessary people, and Gloria Allred was one of them " she didn't have to be there " I asked everybody to leave, and they did." He says he spoke with Gloria, and she went into the backyard. "It was complete mayhem."

"This is just so much nonsense," Gloria says. "What happened was, yes, Jeff asked the press, and there were numerous representatives of the media " cameras, audio equipment, video equipment, wires, chords, lights " by the way, a lot of which was set up in this very small nursery later in the night when these little preemies came home, exposing these little babies to high risk of infection and danger " but in any event, yes, he asked them to clear out. But guess what? Before Nadya came home with the babies, he let everybody back in." She explains that she was at the house to protect the nurses. "They were going into a high-risk situation, because Nadya had announced all these media people were there. I wanted to make sure that they could do their job and not be bullied, and not be prevented from caring for these little babies," she says.

"Gloria, I think you can care about the nurses and about the babies in the confines of your own home," Jeff says. "You were part of the ruckus, because you're a well-known attorney, and a lot of people want to see you, so that was part of it. That was the reason I asked you to leave, along with everyone else. I did not ask them to come back in."

[AD]"Well, they did come back in, so somebody gave them permission. Maybe it was your wife," Gloria retorts. "When you arrived with Nadya, you didn't ask them to leave. Instead, what you did in the presence of the nurses and everyone else there, you came in like Raging Bull 2. You came in, you went within one inch of one of our nannies' noses … and you stood there, and you put your finger like this, and you jabbed your finger at her, and you were yelling at this poor little nanny, ‘Who are you? Get the [expletive] out of here!'" She says that Jeff then came up to her, pointed a finger in her face and yelled. "The worst was you yelled, and you punched your fist right to the wall of nursery. Those little babies were inside," Gloria continues. "How scary for these little babies."

Jeff denies acting in that manner.

"You did too, Jeff," Linda says. "That's when I said, ‘I will take you out.'"