Anthony and Patti
Anthony, 35, and his mother, Patti, are featured on the new TLC reality series, Mamas Boys of the Bronx. “I’m just really the cleaning lady,” Patti says about having Anthony and her two younger sons living with her.

“She does my laundry, she irons my clothes, she’ll take an outfit out and get it ready for me, cook my meals, let me know when my bills have to get paid,” Anthony says. “She’s like my personal assistant.”

“When Anthony needs to be somewhere, I’ll have to wake him up. I’ll have to call him five, ten times,” Patti says.

Anthony says the biggest downside to living at home is the lack of privacy. “She still treats me like I’m 15 years old,” he says. “If I’m out late, and she doesn’t hear from me, she starts calling my phone a thousand times.”

“I tell him all the time, ‘I’m a mother. It doesn’t matter how old you are, I’m going to worry anyway,’” she says. Patti says she hates it when Anthony brings girls home. “I think it’s just so disrespectful. My walls are paper thin. So, it’s uncomfortable because I can hear everything,” she explains.

Anthony says he plans on living with his mom until he gets married. “I would love to meet a girl, settle down, start a family and move out, but as of right now, I’m comfortable where I am,” he says. “I’m definitely a mama’s boy, and I’m proud of it.”

[AD]Anthony and Patti join Dr. Phil onstage. Dr. Phil asks Anthony how he tells girls about his living arrangement.

Anthony says he waits until the last minute because he’s afraid the girl won’t come home with him if she knows that he lives with his mother. “As we’re walking up the steps, [I’ll say], ‘Sshh, my mom’s sleeping,’” he explains. “That’s pretty much how I have to play it.”

“You really get girls to go home to your mother’s house, and you’re 35?” Dr. Phil asks. “Seriously, who are they turning down?” he jests. 

Anthony says he’s from a tight-knit Italian community where mama’s boys aren’t considered freeloaders. He says his mom struggled her whole life as a single mother of three boys, and they’re now helping to support her in return.

Will Patti still take care of Anthony if and when he gets married?

“Do you think you’re going to find somebody who’s going to do what she’s doing?” Dr. Phil asks Anthony.

“I think that’s why I’m still single. She raised the bar very high,” Anthony says of Patti. “I’m never going to find somebody exactly like my mom.” He says when he [AD]meets someone who is close enough to his mother, he will settle down. When asked whether he’d prefer living on his own, Anthony replies, “I’ve tried it. I didn’t really like it. I missed being at home with my mom and my brothers.”

“Does it strike you that this is so bizarre that they’ve built an entire television show around you?” Dr. Phil asks Anthony.

Anthony says the reality show, Mama’s Boys of the Bronx, is their way of showing people how their community operates. “It’s not very far-fetched,” he says.