Overweight Brides

Overweight Brides
Dr. Phil talks to a woman who wants to lose 50 pounds before her wedding to look sexy for her fiance.

"I've probably been overweight the majority of my life. Bridal gown shopping hasn't been a whole bunch of fun," says Stephanie, who is 217 pounds. "There were some dresses that wouldn't fit at all. I wound up crying about two of the visits. I think the experience was demoralizing."

Her fiancé, Paul, is also overweight. "We couldn't be happier. The only thing we have yet to fix or control is our weight," she says. "We're so comfortable to sit and watch TV that sometimes it sucks up more of our life than it should."

Growing emotional, Stephanie says, "I've heard, 'You'd be beautiful if you lost weight.' For once in my life, I'd like to just hear 'You are pretty.'"
"You said you eat to celebrate and to feel better. And you eat when you're stressed or when you're bored, anxious and depressed," Dr. Phil points out.

He explains that you don't break habits; you replace old behaviors with new ones. "You're using food to cope with all those different things. If I take that away from you and I don't put anything in its place, then there's going to be a huge void there and you're going to turn back to food. So we have to put new things in there. It's a whole new lifestyle. Are you willing to change everything?"

"I am," she replies. "I look at that tape and I think that's not who I think I am or who I can be."
Turning to Paul in the audience, Dr. Phil says, "You want to lose 50 pounds as well, right?"


"I saw you lighting up a cigarette. So you're smoking about a pack a day? And you're way overweight, and you're not exercising and you're not eating healthy. Your risk factor for having a heart attack or another life quality altering disease is probably 10 to 15 times normal," Dr. Phil points out. "And if that doesn't change, you're going to cheat you, you're going to cheat Stephanie, you're going cheat your children in the future. This just has to change."

To Stephanie, Dr. Phil says, "You guys can really collaborate on this. You can really work together to get this done. There are seven keys to weight loss freedom and not one of them is willpower. Not one of them is guilt induction. Not one of them is shame ... It's all about changing your lifestyle in a healthy way."