Overweight Brides

Overweight Brides
Dr. Phil talks to a woman who wants to lose 50 pounds before her wedding.

The brides-to-be stroll out on stage through the walkway.

Tara plans to get married on May 29. Her wedding dress is a size 20. In four months, her goal is to wear a size 12. In order to do that, she's going to have to lose 58 of her 245 pounds.

Kelly's wedding is on May 14. She's now a size 22. Her goal is to get down to a size 16. To do it, she'll have to shed 54 pounds.

Jaquetta is tying the knot on June 11. Her goal is to fit into a size 10 wedding dress — which means losing 46 pounds — instead of a 16.

Rachel's wedding day is July 23. The wedding dress she now has is a size 16. She needs to drop three sizes and lose 46 pounds to get to a size 10.

Stephanie is scheduled to say "I do" on May 14. She'll have to lose 48 pounds to reach her goal and walk down the aisle in a size 12.

Megan's special day is April 30. Today she wears a 24. Her goal is to lose 58 pounds during this challenge and drop three dress sizes.
Dr. Phil says, "We asked each of you what your dream wedding dress was. What you don't know is that we ordered it for you in the size we think you could be by mid-April."

Asking their fiancés, who are sitting in the audience, to
cover their eyes, Dr. Phil says, "For a little incentive, let's bring out your dream dresses."

As the dream dress models saunter out on stage, Robin describes each of their dresses. "Tara hopes to wear the elegant multi-satin strapless gown by Maggie Sottero. It is delicately embroidered and
beaded with Swarovski crystals. It has a sweetheart neckline and a corset back."

Kelly will be wearing a satin halter sheath with beaded v-neck empire bodice and fishtail skirt by Galina.

"Jacquetta's dream dress is a strapless asymmetrical gown with a corset back by Maggie Cetero," Robin announces. "It's beaded with Swarovski crystals."
"Rachel's dream wedding dress is this body-hugging gown by Demetrios Bride," Robin says. "It's a sophisticated satin organza with a halter neckline and sweet trumpet train."

She continues, "Stephanie chose as her ultimate wedding dress an off-the-shoulder silk gown by Inez de Santo. This exquisite gown features an asymmetrical strap at the back."

Megan will be wearing a strapless satin gown by Mon Cherie, featuring crystal beading throughout the bodice and hem.

"I want to thank theknot.com and Marylinn's Bridal and David's Bridal for help with these wedding dresses. Appreciate you guys," Dr. Phil says.
Dr. Phil assures the ladies that he's going to provide them with every resource to help them drop the pounds. They'll each receive a copy of The Ultimate Weight Solution, which is now available in paperback, and he's also arranged for them to have memberships at Gold's Gym along with a trainer in their hometown.

"As you get smaller, your wedding plans can get a whole lot bigger," he tells them. "I'm talking about chances to win dream honeymoon vacations, complete makeovers in Beverly Hills, gift registries, a chance to win a deluxe bridal shower ... if you reach your goal."

He offers the ladies their first incentive to reach their goals. "I've mapped out your weight goals for the next few months. I figured out exactly where you should be to do this in a healthy way, but making good hardworking progress. And for any of you that reaches your goal — this first goal that we're setting up for you — you're going to win a shopping spree for new wedding rings or upgrade the ring that you already have!"

Robin displays a collection of wedding rings. "These brides can choose one of these beautiful rings from modernlove.net," she says.
To help the brides lose weight, Dr. Phil is sending them home with the Mio Shape Select watch, which monitors their heart rate. They will also receive a Tanita body fat scale, and a Memory Minder journal where they can log their workouts and diet.

"They'll also have access to our resident Weight Loss Challenge Fitness experts," Dr. Phil announces, turning to JJ Virgin and
Robert Reames in the audience. "JJ Virgin is going to be working on the nutrition side of all of this and Robert Reames will oversee their progress. JJ knows all about nutrition, and she's going to tell you guys how not be hungry, how to use the high response foods that we talked about in The Ultimate Weight Solution."

Turning to the brides, Dr. Phil says, "If you reach your next weight goal by the next weigh in, you get to go on a wedding ring shopping spree, OK? The smaller you guys get, the bigger the wedding rewards."