Overweight Teens Fight Back: Jeff and Emily

Shrinking Emily

Twelve-year-old Emily knows all too well the struggles other overweight teens wage, weighing over 200 pounds at her highest. Emily was sent away to a boarding school where she participated in the reality show, Too Fat for Fifteen: Fighting Back.

"If you don't get your overeating of food under control " you're going to die," her father, Jeff, says in video recorded before her weight loss.

"I knew my weight was so unhealthy," Emily says.

Emily delivers an important message to Brooke and Jenn.

Jeff says his family had tried everything with Emily, and all his efforts fell on deaf ears, from work with a dietician, physical trainer, childhood psychologist and hypnotist. He says they eventually realized they didn't have a strategy where all those elements were working together cohesively.

[AD]"Why were you willing to listen to strangers, but you weren't willing to listen to old Dad?" Dr. Phil asks.

Emily says information is easier to take from other people with formal training, than from your parents.

"It's so hard to hear it from the people who you're closest to sometimes," Dr. Phil says.