What is P.I.N.K. Method?

P.I.N.K. Method creator and nutritionist Cynthia Pasquella says she designed P.I.N.K. Method as a comprehensive weight-loss plan that women can maintain for any length of time. “I created this diet and the workout programs specifically for women. This is literally the last diet program you will ever need,” she says. “When you combine healthy nutrition with an amazing workout program, you can lose four times more weight.”

Cynthia and P.I.N.K. Method trainers Jenna, Lisa and Basheerah join Dr. Phil onstage.

What is P.I.N.K. Method? Find out here!

“So, what does P.I.N.K. Method stand for?” Dr. Phil asks Cynthia.

“It stands for power, intensity, nutrition and cardio — with a ‘K’,” she says. Cynthia explains that P.I.N.K. Method is divided into four stages that offer versatile meal plans and workouts. “That’s the beauty of it. Women get bored just following one meal plan but this is four diets in one, so you never get bored,” Cynthia says. “You keep your body guessing.“

“So, you say you won’t stagnate. What is P.I.N.K. Reset?” Dr. Phil asks.

[AD]“So, on a lot of diets, you’ll lose a certain amount of weight and then you just can’t lose anymore, and there’s nothing more frustrating. I know because I’ve been there. So, we designed something called P.I.N.K. Reset, and it’s like hitting the reset button on your body. No diet can completely eliminate plateaus  — it’s not the way we’re designed, but what we’ve done is we’ve made the reset button, so we can go in and combat that.”

Basheerah says P.I.N.K. Method dieters tend to lose weight immediately after starting the program. “You also get the added benefit of feeling good and increasing your strength and endurance right away,” she says.

“So, talk about Phase One. What happens in the Phase One workouts on P.I.N.K.?” Dr. Phil asks Jenna.

“Phase One is all about really building a strong base, so I focus a lot on strengthening the core, and sculpting and toning the larger muscle groups like the quads,” she says. “So, you’re burning way more calories.”

Jenna explains that the Phase One workouts are 20 minutes and consist of several fat-burning exercises. “It’s a great place to start because you’re not thrown into this really intense workout. It’s like working out smarter, not harder,” she says.

In Phase Two, Lisa says the workouts intensify. “So, you have the cardio, but it’s stepped up to 30 minutes. We’re doing a lot of lunges, squats  —  but we’re adding fast knee lifts and leg lifts.”

[AD]“And talk about Phase Three, Basheerah,” Dr. Phil says.

“By the time you get to me, you’re ready for a new challenge and that’s what I give you. The workouts are 40 minutes, but I put in more recovery so, it’s more like interval training instead of continuous training. It’s really an amazing way to rev up the intensity in your workout. It’s like the program says — power, intensity, nutrition and kardio — and if you don’t have the intensity in your workout, you’re not going to get the results you want.”